More Holiday Travel Tips – Pesky Insects and more

#1 Stay Hydrated Staying hydrated doesn’t mean cups of tea and coffee. It does mean making sure you drink enough water. Simple additions to your water like a few sprigs of lemon balm, or a slice of lemon (include the skin for the limolene oil– just wash bought lemons before adding to your water) are […]


More Holiday Travel Tips – Fun in the Sun

Hi, Happy New Year! I hope you had a great start to the year and have a fabulous 2018. I got lots of great feedback about the Tissue Salts Holiday Tips. I thought you might like another tip and story of how Tissue Salts helped. Even though the story is a Summer Holiday Tip, it […]


Do I still need to take Vitamins when taking Tissue Salts?

Do I still need to take Vitamins when taking Tissue Salts? When taking tissue salts … is it necessary to continue with vitamins as well? This is a Great Question and one which I am asked quite often. In order to answer it lets go back to a few basics. Vitamins work with minerals, if […]


Biochemistry 1

Here is an AMAZING video about all the different things that biochemistry is responsible for in the body. I bet before you saw this video that you thought biochemistry is boring, right? You might have thought that if you studied it at school. But, Actually no, it’s pretty amazing! Especially when you can see how […]


Holiday and Travel Tips

A few simple remedies in a Kit can make a big difference to your holiday and travel comfort. Its nearly Christmas, and the holiday season is here. Many people travel to family or friends, or take time off work for holidays. What Tissue Salts can you pack in your bags to make your travels more […]

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How Daisy the Dog stopped destroying the yard

How Tissue Salts stopped Daisy the dog destroying the yard. Daisy the dog had her first litter of puppies a few months ago, but now her puppies have gone to new homes and she is into everything. First it was the raspberry bush. Then she destroyed the cord on the compressor and left little bits […]


Did you know that mineral imbalance could be affecting your mindset?

Mineral imbalances don’t only affect your body’s function, in the form of signs and symptoms, they can also affect your mental health and psychology. Lets take a look at the triangle of health. This talks about health from Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.  You can work with your psychologist to get results with your depression, but […]

Mindset – the new psychology of success

I don’t know about you, but I love exploring how someone’s mindset can influence completely how they feel about things, the actions they take in life, and then the results. Some people seem to find a way through the challenges in life easily, while others seem to find nothing but hurdles. So what is different. […]


Is your job making you sick?

A practitioner sent me a message saying “I went to a galvanizing plant and couldn’t believe how many workers were showing facial signs for No 8, Nat Chlor. Nearly all of them! It’s obviously a fairly toxic environment.” What did she mean? Some jobs put workers in contact with heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, materials, that […]


How to Turn Procrastination into Percolation and take the next step

How to Turn Procrastination into Percolation and take the next step Do you get overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do? Do you end up doing nothing, or getting distracted by other things? Does it lead to a last-minute rush and panic to get it done anyway? Is procrastination a good friend of yours? […]