Is your job making you sick?

A practitioner sent me a message saying “I went to a galvanizing plant and couldn’t believe how many workers were showing facial signs for No 8, Nat Chlor. Nearly all of them! It’s obviously a fairly toxic environment.” What did she mean? Some jobs put workers in contact with heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, materials, that […]

How to Turn Procrastination into Percolation and take the next step

How to Turn Procrastination into Percolation and take the next step Do you get overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do? Do you end up doing nothing, or getting distracted by other things? Does it lead to a last-minute rush and panic to get it done anyway? Is procrastination a good friend of yours? […]

4 Remedies for a Good Nights Sleep

Did you know that Healthy sleep has been proven to be the most important factor in predicting how long you live? Dr William Dement, Sleep Scientist, reveals the price for ignoring sleep is an epidemic of Heart disease, a 33% increase in traffic fatigue related accidents, not to mention the mental and psychological problems. In […]

3 Tips for the Cold and Flu Season that most people DONT KNOW

3 Tips for the Cold and Flu season that Most People DON’T KNOW. Are you or your family one of the many people hit by a nasty cold, flu or cough recently? I keep getting surprised by how many people have been affected, and how long they have been out of action. But the problem […]

What you may not know about Paracetamol

As a parent, I’m sure you’d be shocked to think that you could accidentally poison your child with Paracetamol. Yet it happens each week somewhere in Australia. Just the other day, there was an article in the Adelaide Advertiser talking about this. They said that there had been an increase in the number of children […]