10 secrets to getting better results with clients and ending the struggles in your practice

Empower your clients with Tissue Salts to improve your client’s outcomes and increase your income per client without increasing your workload.

Tissue Salts allow me to increase my income per client yet my clients get incredible value because they start feeling better sooner. They feel empowered because they can see what they are doing is helping them and their family.

The beauty is that your clients are telling you what minerals they need, if only you know the language. Facial signs for mineral deficiencies and imbalance occur before chronic disease processes become obvious. Tissue salts can not only help your clients health improve but they also play a key role in prevention.

There is a very simple formula to working out what minerals you client is deficient in. for accurate treatment and diagnosis you need to have all of these components to get the best results.

Use this simple treatment formula to increase the effectiveness of your consultations.

I find that my clients improve 30-50% faster using tissue salts. They feel the benefits. If they still need the tissue salts and stop (as many clients do sometime in their treatment – they will return to taking the tissue salts because they can feel the difference when they stop taking them) Tissue salts are working not only at the level of the initial symptoms, but also deeper through the whole body.


Secret # 1 – Get Quick Wins With Your Clients And Build Client Trust With This Simple Principle: The Right Remedy In The Right Place At The Right Time

secret number 1The initial improvement from Tissue Salts is often experienced between seconds to three days of taking the remedy. The right remedy in the right place at the right time creates results. Getting early successes with your client on one or two of their symptoms gives them confidence to continue with your treatment plan. Chronic cases in particular will often start with one practitioner and move on to the next one without following through on treatment. Early successes in your treatment plan will give them confidence to work with you over the term of the full treatment.

Case study: Client with indigestion

Elaine was experiencing difficulty eating. Each mouthful was a struggle to get down. She would take twice the time of anyone else in her family to eat a meal because each mouthful would get stuck on the way down. Between each mouthful she would need to get up to spit out food that wouldn’t go down properly. It had been happening for a year or more, and was getting worse. She was prescribed 3 minerals. She took the first mineral, 2 Calc Phos tablets just before her next meal to help stimulate her body to digest her food. She sat down, took her first bite, chewed, and then, as per usual had to get up to spit. This time though, she spat out a lot of mucous and other “yukky stuff”. She sat down, and for the first time was able to eat and digest a complete meal, without any further disruption. She hasn’t had the same problem eating since. This was her primary complaint, and it built her confidence in Tissue Salts treatment. She is continuing with the minerals because this is just one part of what it is treating, and this built her confidence and trust in the treatment.

One of the main lessons I got was that even though I was taking the right minerals, I needed the right Biochemic dose for my body. Once I did that, it made a huge difference. I now feel calmer, I continue to feel better. I am recommending the Tissue Salts with great results. I must say, I just love the quality of the DHU Tissue Salt tablets.

Antonia Frank, Batlow


Secret # 2 – With Our Simple Treatment Formula – You Don’t Need To Know The Name Of The Disease To Treat Your Client

secret number 2We do not treat names of diseases, we treat People. We are not diagnosing diseases, we are diagnosing mineral deficiencies. The clients History, signs and symptoms, and Facial Diagnostics help us determine which minerals they are deficient in, and how to treat those mineral deficiencies using Tissue Salts. Then we ask “Why are they deficient in those minerals?”

The causes are many and varied, and include inflammation, infection, and stress – whether from environmental, lifestyle, relationships, work, food or lifestyle, or thoughts, and I am sure you can think of more.

Stepping back though the disease process and when it gets triggered allows you to determine the cause of the process. The signs and symptoms, and the Facial Signs help you determine the minerals, and the History helps determine how long the deficiency has been occurring. This makes it very easy for you to work out how to prescribe.

Follow the simple formula and watch the results follow.

Facial Diagnosis in conjunction with the signs and symptoms will show which remedies are required.

The client’s history will tell you how long the minerals or tissue salts have been deficient, so that you can determine the frequency and dosage required, and hence estimate how long treatment to its full completion is likely to take.

Their history will also provide information about any major stressors occurring that could require additional support with Tissue Salts.


Case study: A case of Transient Global amnesia. – A student or one of our workshops, Pam, told the story of a when she ended up in hospital with a case of Transient Global Amnesia, sudden unexplained memory loss. Unfortunately the doctors don’t have any solutions for this problem, or didn’t at that time. A friend of Pam’s, having heard she had lost her memory, brought Kali phos Tissue Salt to the hospital. Within moments of taking the mineral, Pam said, “I can remember again”. My question when she told me the story was, why had she needed Kali phos, what else was going on, did she have any other stresses at that time? She mentioned three separate highly stressful situations at the same time creating an enormous amount of stress. We created a new prescription based on her signs symptoms and history. It also included Kali Phos, and among other things, helped her hair to regrow.

Robyn is an amazing presenter with a treasure chest of knowledge and great sense of humour too. The most enjoyable course as well as a must for all Natural therapy Professionals.

Natasa Zaric, Naturopath, Gunghalin


Secret # 3 – Tissue Salts enhance other treatments.

Do you have some clients where you just don’t get the results you would expect. Your treatment doesn’t seem to be having an effect, or it doesn’t hold.

67863247So many times I have seen that Tissue salts are given and the case starts to turn around. Why? Because the body is depleted in essential minerals. You can be prescribing well indicated supplements, herbs, medications, homeopathic remedies, and other medications, but improvement is slow. This is usually an indication that the nutrition isn’t getting in and out of the cells. If the cells don’t have the correct nutrition, whatever you give it may only be partially effective, until the mineral imbalance is rectified.

When the appropriate Tissue salts are given, the cells start absorbing the nutrients and excreting the toxins effectively, fluids start moving in and out of the cells effectively and not only does the client feel improvement, but the other treatments also start working more effectively.
Join Now for course on Tissue Salts gives tools and strategies on how to do this.

There are so many ways this course helps. My husband is now taking tissue salts to help with symptoms he was displaying. As a practitioner, it has given me a tool for more effective treatments, and in my clinic more effective treatment plans for my clients which equals better health for them. It helps me in my kinesiology practice for balancing the nutritional and biochemical elements of my clients.

This course is great for practitioners who want to add another modality; for students of homoeopathy, herbalism or naturopathy, it really helps you the understand basic Biochemic principles underlying health. For those wanting to prescribe for family and friends, it gives a great base for you to take control of your own health and well being.

Patty Zorzetto – Kinesiologist, Reiki and Wellness Practitioner


Secret # 4 – Facial Diagnosis and how not to get stopped before you have started.

secret number 4

Facial Diagnosis helps you to individualise your treatment to each person. Two people can come in with the same disease name, yet present very differently. Facial diagnosis helps you to individualise your treatment because your client shows specific colours and signs that is their body’s individual way of expressing the disease process. While there may be patterns of mineral deficiency for disease processes, the final prescription will be influenced by the facial signs and the signs and symptoms unique to this person. You are no longer left guessing. Their body is telling you what it needs.

Sometimes people worry that they “wont be able to see” the facial signs. What I find is that students see them more often than they realise. Yes, it is a process of building experience and confidence. That is why we give our students lots of tips and tricks along the way to help them to “See” – the facial signs. WE also give key questions to ask; signs and symptoms, and indications so you have lots of ways of confirming which minerals are required. We have a continually building database of pictures. We have tools to support you in your learning, and practicing so that you can build confidence quickly.

Even if you aren’t sure, give the remedy anyway. With Tissue salts, unlike other treatments you can’t cause an excess of the minerals, but you can make a difference to someone’s health and wellbeing. The worst that can happen is no effect, and that in itself is information. Remember that what we do is called Practice – as such be prepared to Practice, and check your results, and in doing so, learn and build confidence. If you do nothing and don’t prescribe, you don’t reap the benefits of practice. Early on some of my least confident prescriptions were some of the ones that provided results far beyond what I expected. If you don’t try you will never have that wonderful experience.

We all need tools to make our job easier. Facial signs were observed and documented by Schuessler for each individual mineral Tissue Salts and then confirmed by Hickethier and Depke in the 20th Century. Facial signs show up before symptoms surface, hence Tissue Salts can be given for disease prevention as well as for treating the mineral deficiencies when the signs and symptoms are fully developed.

4 days of fascinating immersion into the world of cellular Biochemistry and how the deficiency signs show up in our faces. Very useful and inspiring – Thank You!

Sunny Goddard, Homeopath, Bega


Secret # 5 – Pick a client group that sets you up for success

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT NEXT EXIT Sign (efficiency quality lean)We teach you how to work out the cause of the mineral deficiency, We give you lots of examples so that you can work with different types of conditions, with different types of client groups.

So if you are a bodyworker, you will learn lots of tips for helping your clients reduce pain and move easier.

If you are a naturopath, you will learn tips for your area of specialty, whether it be digestion, or hormonal problems, or reproductive issues, or female issues, or treating children. Each of these will be addressed throughout the course, so you will come out with an understanding of how you can support treatments in your relevant niche. Our course includes access to webinars on specific topics that will build your practice.

When you focus on a specific niche, your practice builds. You become an expert in that field. If you are already marketing yourself this way, you will discover lots of treatment ideas for your niche and for Tissue Salts to build your practice. If you don’t, we have webinars that will help you hone your skills to create your niche. I have used this in regards to treating children. I have five children myself, and have treated a lot of children, so one arm of my practice and business is focused on helping mums to treat common ailments with Tissue salts. I then started getting more referrals for children with more chronic problems.

Here are some other examples of Practitioners using Tissue salts in their specific Niche:

  • Bowen Therapists and Massage therapists use Tissue Salts to reduce inflammation, reduce muscular aches and pains, help fluid movement in and out of the cells, and increase range of movement through tissue rehydration.
  • Sports practitioners, including those of high level athletes use tissue salts for faster recovery and injury prevention and support.
  • Digestive specialists, like Naturopaths find Tissue salts a great help in detoxification, as well as addressing food intolerances, allergies, cravings, and weight problems caused by digestive issues.
  • Practitioners specialising in pregnancy, or women’s issues use Tissue salts to help rebalance hormones, and help with the very special needs of women through their transitions of puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Dentists use tissue salts to help with teeth and cavity issues, to help relax uptight or fearful clients getting dental work, and to reduce inflammation and infection prior to or following dental work.
  • Vets find tissue salts extremely effective with animals. We also know some Bowen Therapists who specialise in treating animals and use Tissue salts with great success.
  • In Europe, many Medical Practitioners are trained in Tissue Salts.


Secret # 6 – Educate your clients

This is a scary one for a lot of practitioners, they worry that they will lose their clients if they educate them. The benefits are that you can also increase your passive income through sales of tissue salts. As I already mentioned, those clients who you have educated often send more clients to see you.

Secret # 7 – Know which model your clients are coming from and which model you want to practice from.

Take them from where they are to where they want to go.

I have observed Practitioners to practice from a number of different models. None of them is wrong or right, and are quite normal to transition through as you build your practice. They also have different consequences to your practice and also potentially to your energy levels. You also may not experience them with every client, but occasionally a client may trigger the corresponding response in you.

Fix it, -. In order for a client to be fixed they need to do something – a technique or a medication or surgery. This will “fix” them. This assumes that “they” are broken, which they are not.

They ask you to “fix” them, and want you to hold the responsibility for fixing them and them getting better. Generally, they don’t take responsibility for their own treatment. Your self-worth is based on the technique “fixing” your client, this makes you feel good, but if it doesn’t work, you could lose energy. Also, your version of fixed and your clients’ version of fixed may not match. Fix it clients may not take responsibility for not getting the results they want, even if they haven’t followed your instructions. “Fix it” is appropriate if your client’s problem is a broken bone that needs setting for example. The client needs the expert to do the correct procedure for the bone to be in the right place in order to heal. When using Tissue Salts we are not “fixing” them, (they aren’t broken,) we are addressing the mineral deficiencies which reduces the signs and symptoms and improves their health.

Helper –Clients in this model will ask for Help, and may want to take some responsibility for their health. Some of these will transition with coaching to the next stage. These clients could test your boundaries for your own time if you are in practice if you are a people pleaser. There are different ways that this will show up in practice – building a big practice with more and more clients who you are “helping”, may feed an addiction to your work or pleasing people. Your worth is often based on pleasing your clients, you feel good from what people think well of you, but your self-worth and energy levels may suffer if they don’t. You can assist your helper by teaching them in small chunks how they can start to support their own health, and Tissue salts is great to give them tips and tricks of how to use the tissue salts applicable to their life. Then you can get on with the bigger role of supporting them in the whole of their health.

Coaching and Transformation – the process of your client taking responsibility for their health and their life. These clients want to make significant changes in their life and are willing to do what it takes to do it. You need to walk your talk with these clients, choosing to work smarter not harder. They are often after mentors or coaches rather than gurus. Educating your clients helps them understand their pain, they start to see their choices, and feel empowered to use their knowledge to help themselves and their families, particularly in those times when your clinic is closed. When they are empowered this builds passive income from the tissue salts. Using this model, you can educate your clients about tissue salts so they can treat the basic conditions at home, leaving your time to concentrate when something significant that they can’t manage alone comes up in their life.

I personally prefer to work from the transformation model. None of these models will stop your clients from receiving the benefits of tissue salts unless they don’t follow your instructions and take the tissue salts.

Which model you are in could affect your relationship to those results, and hence your ability to take the appropriate actions. They may also affect your energy levels when working with clients. Knowing which model you want to build your practice from will support you in your practice supporting you, rather than you supporting your practice.

Similarly, which model your client is in may require different approaches. Just as you can transition through the different models as you build experience, you can also educate or coach a proportion of your clients from one stage to the next.

Building a successful practice is not just about what you have learnt, what you do, how you do it, it is also about your mindset. We will look at how Tissue salts can support you through some of the mindset changes that are an important part of being in practice.


Secret # 8 – Get help when you need it

We help you succeed Chalk IllustrationWhen you learn something new it’s important, particularly in the early stages to have access to support to help you. Small successes at this time, build big successes later on. Realising that, our program has built in support for you along the way so that you can it is important to All sorts of things can get in the way of this one. “Oh I don’t want to bother them…”, “it’s not that important…”, “I have to do… for the kids/… first”. All of these are excuses to compromise yourself.

Do you ask for help when you need it? Some people wont, because they want to be right, are too shy to ask, I think they will lose face by asking. Some people like to please others, so prefer to make it look as though everything is okay. If you are doing this, your client doesn’t get the best support they can, and I know deep down you want to help them achieve the best possible result.

I like to reframe the way I think about this one.

  • Clients really like feeling special, so when you say, I just want to confer with our specialist on this at The Institute of Biochemic Medicine, Your client is not going to think you are incapable, they feel special, and they are actually going to be more loyal. You are actually fast tracking their results. When it is explained to clients this way, they often think, wow, you really care.

Your practice and your clients deserve the best you can provide. What if you had a mentor to help you through tricky cases, wouldn’t that ease your mind. Wouldn’t you feel better that you were providing the best support to your clients that you could give.

To prevent this problem in our program, we offer mentoring and support as part of the program. We know there will be times when you need help, so it is built in to the program.

I was well looked after, I came to the course with Migraines which also affected my eyes. Robyn saw to it that I was comfortable, and built my confidence in continuing the course.
Benefits – Biochemic Therapy will create a great addition to my complimentary Therapies as well as building a great healing repertoire for family and friends.

Denise Ginn, Goulburn


Secret # 9 – Use the minerals with yourself and your family.

secret number 9Gain first hand experiences. This helps with your understanding of how they work, and gives you confidence to prescribe, even when you aren’t sure. This is a great place to start building your success stories that will give your clients confidence when working with you. When we teach our online course, we encourage you to start using the tissue salts from the first remedy. Why? Because you start to build wins, and confidence and experience. You start to build confidence with trying and succeeding, and also with what to do next if you don’t get the results you expect.

Over 40 years ago I hurt my back while nursing. I have had pain, of varying degree almost every day. On day 1 of the course Robyn gave me a cream to rub in, and within a couple of minutes, no more that 2 or 3 minutes, the pain had gone. I was dumb struck! I said to Robyn “Is this placebo? It can’t work that quickly!” Well at day 4 of the course, my back is still pain free! Amazing! I can hardly believe it – but there it is!!!

Molly Knight, Herbalist, Castle Hill


Secret # 10 – Visualise you are already successful

Group, help, proud.

Visualise you are already successful. What are your goals for your practice or business? This is a really important step to work out. What does success look like for you? What is important to you?

Take time to consider the things that are important to you and what you like to do. Make a list of them. Describe your ideal lifestyle.
For me, part of the reason why I stopped working in a clinic and started building my own business, was that I had four, and then five children. I was finding it difficult to juggle my times working for another clinic with small children. It was a tough decision at the time, but what was important to me was having flexibility to be with the children at times when I wanted and needed to be. I needed to build a business that worked for me regards work hours, flexibility, travel and more.

What I have now is a business where I see clients part time, I travel with work to places that I love, its important for me to be home and available to my children most afternoons after school. I have time to build my business and research information to help my clients. I have passive income from Tissue Salts so that I don’t have to see so many clients, and can work part time. I educate my clients so that they also feel empowered with their families. A lot of what I did was done the hard way. What we have created for people who join our program is a system that gets you succeeding so you don’t have to recreate these mistakes, instead you can FastTrack and learn from them.