This course is based on the original works of Dr W.H Schuessler, as taught throughout the world by Biochemischer Bund Deutschland e.V, (The Gemany Association of Biochemistry), and the European Institute for Biochemistry of Dr. Schussler. On successful completion of the course you gain a Diploma for “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy”.

About Robyn Barraclough

Robyn is a Dorothy Hall Trained Herbalist, a Homoeopath and an International Body Harmony Teacher. Her speciality is in teaching people to become more connected to the underlying messages of their bodies, and retraining physical, behavioural and emotional patterns to support their health and well being, and bring their bodies into Harmony. Her other passion is helping Practitioners to build successful businesses. Robyn Barraclough has been and International Body Harmony Teacher since 2003, and has been co-ordinating Tissue Salts Classes since 2010 and teaching since 2013.

Robyn teaches Biochemic Medicine and Facial Diagnostics on behalf of The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific),  and as part of Naturopathic Training Courses; practitioners to extend their skills and build their business, and for individuals to support their family’s health.

Canberra Body Harmony School ABN: 15166375804 conducts workshops on behalf of www.tissuesaltstraining.com.


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