Biochemistry 1

Here is an AMAZING video about all the different things that biochemistry is responsible for in the body.

I bet before you saw this video that you thought biochemistry is boring, right? You might have thought that if you studied it at school. But, Actually no, it’s pretty amazing! Especially when you can see how it works very practically in the body. What School (and most Natural Therapy courses) don’t teach you:

  • Facial diagnosis – so that you can tell which minerals are deficient
  • How Biochemistry applies to every single function in the body
  • How to recognize mineral deficiency before there is a diagnosed disease
  • How to prevent disease by giving minerals
  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of mineral deficiency

Biochemistry helps you understand how everything in your body functions. When you understand the biochemistry, all your other practitioner training falls into place around it.

When you understand the biochemistry, it makes it easy to work out why your clients are getting the symptoms, and what to do about it. 12 mineral (Tissue Salts) remedies are all you need to know to make big changes for your clients.

“Tissue Salts are great! Simple and easy to use. Tissue Salts just work. It’s a great game looking at people’s faces. In clinic I am listening for the clues in what they say, and then asking a few strategic questions to work out which minerals they need. I am having so much fun! I feel like Sherlock Holmes.” Christopher Smith, Herbal Medicine Student

But its not only herbalists, nutritionists and homeopaths who love this course.

Massage Therapists, Bowen Therapists and Bodyworkers LOVE Tissue Salts because “it’s like having an extra pair of hands working between sessions to keep the session going.”

Tissue Salts help your cells to have the right nutrition so your bodywork is more effective, the results last longer and the healing continues inside the body because the cells have exactly the right minerals to heal and repair.

Biochemistry 1 is being offered as an Online course or workshop that slots into your Training with Om Shanti College. What you learn on this course can take your practice from good to Great!


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