Book a Personal Tissue Salts Skype Consult

Book a Personal Tissue Salts Skype Consult

Book a Personal Consult (cost AU$100) gobtn

Face to Face: When you come for a face to face consultation, I take a number of photos with a good quality camera, for my records, as a pictorial snapshot of your facial signs at this time. To do this please come without makeup on, and preferably without creams on your face as these may affect being able to see some of the facial signs. Please bring makeup to apply after the consult if you wish.

Online Consult: When we do an online consultation, I can’t always be guaranteed of the quality of the video feed. So I appreciate you sending me 2- 5 photos as suggested below. These ones have been taken on my ipad, you may use a phone with a good quality camera or conventional camera. The better the quality photo the easier my job is.

Steps for your Online Consult

1 Photos – Take photos in good natural light, try to avoid shadows, I am looking for lines, shines, colours and textures on your face, so I don’t want you to cover them up. Push hair back off your face and ears then email this photo to with Mineral Analysis Form and your Skype name.
2 Complete the Mineral Analysis form gobtn
3 Meet me at the allocated time on Skype for our internet call. Please don’t wear any makeup (If we have a good online connection with good natural light, I will be able to see any colour changes as the call progresses which could give clues to which minerals are needed – good quality photos allow me to enlarge details)

Photo Tips

I am not looking for glamour or professional shots. I need at least:

  1. Face Front photo in good natural light
  2. Face side photo preferably showing the inside corner of the eye, and the ears. Photos showing tips for what I will be looking for are shown below.
    1. Take photos in good natural light, try to avoid shadows on the fact
    2. Either take photos before you apply makeup or creams, or remove makeup before taking the photo.
    3. Where possible pull hair off your forehead or temples and behind ear so details can be seen clearly.

See below for some examples of photos:

bpt-img1 bpt-img2
Figure 3 Face front eyes open Figure 2 Face Right side angle to see into the inside edge of the eye next to the bridge of the nose
bpt-img3 bpt-img4
Figure 4 Face Front eyes closed Figure 1 Face Left- side-on showing face and ear

Figure 1 Face Front eyes open – eyes open, teeth are showing in case there are obvious teeth signs,

Figure 2 Face Front eyes closed – eyes closed allows us to see more clearly any signs on the eyelids.

Figure 3 Face Right side angle – this photo is slightly on an angle to show the detail at the inside corner of the eye near the bridge of the nose.

Figure 4 Face Left side – this photo has been taken full side on, showing the ear, neck or chin signs may be noticed with this perspective

bpt-img5 bpt-img6
Figure 5 Face Front showing teeth Figure 6 Face Front tongue

Figure 5 Face Front showing teeth – you may include a photo showing teeth details – please let me know if you have had dental work like teeth colouring, whitening or capping)

Figure 6 Face Front tongue – you may include a photo of the tongue either on its own or as a facial shot. Please do not include a tongue photo taken just after eating mints, coloured lollies, sweets or candy, or after drinking coffee as these will affect the colour of your tongue.

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Warm regards