Book Your Exam

Book your Exam

Steps to take your exam:

Step One – Book your exam – we take you through the process of organizing an examiner to sit the exam. Please note that this option may have additional costs to you. booknow
Step Two – Preparation

Step 1 Book Your Exam

  1. Find someone to supervise your exam as per page A1 of the admin and introduction E-manual,and set an exam date.Some of the suitable examiners are: Registered Examiners (Australia), Medical practitioners, Magistrate, School Principles, Justice of the Peace, Post office Managers, Bank Managers, Registered Naturopaths, Registered Homeopaths, Registered Members of the Institue of Biochemic Therapy, or other Institute approved similar person.
  2. Fill out the Application form  for your exam
  3. Send the application form to The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) by post or email
  4. Your Exam supervisor will receive the Exam Questions. You sit it on the date organised  and your supervisor will send it back to the institute who will mark it and on successful completion, send you your diploma certificate.


  1. I suggest you read through the Introduction section thoroughly as there are usually some exam questions which relate to some of the key concepts included in this book, that we covered in the first 2 e-classes.
  2. Review each of the 12 minerals
  3. Work through the Review Eclass questions after you have worked through the e-classes and the Diploma Course webinars
  4. After booking your exam you will receive instructions from The Institute of Biochemic Medicine about sitting your exam with an invigilator. Follow the instructions from The Institute.
  5. No books, manuals or notes are allowed when you sit your exam.
  6. Follow instructions from the Institute regarding returning your papers. They will contact you on receiving your exams and regarding your results.

Tissue Salts and exams:

Tissue Salts can help with the nervous anxiety that can precede an assessment. Read up on No 5 Kali phos and take it when studying and during assessment to help with memory recall, and reduce exam nerves.

If you have also used Kali phos during study, it is amazing how much you can recall, even if you think you wont.

Be aware that you have the tools to support you. Please Use them.

Any questions, please contact me