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How to build a successful Bodywork or Natural Therapies practice and earn passive income.

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Sundown Motel Resort Symonston ACT

Youll learn the steps to building a successful practice and earning passive income.>


Learn practical, step by step tactics that you can apply to grow your practice and build sustainable income using online and offline tactics.

Do you love bodywork, or natural therapies but aren’t sure how to make it into a sustainable practice? You hear stories of burnout and worry that the only way you can see forward to make your practice work is by working longer hours and seeing more clients?

Are you looking for an approach that can help clients change their behaviours, their patterns and even transform their lives, a way that gives them easy steps toward their goals?

Most bodyworkers and Natural therapies learn how to be a practitioner but not a business owner. Even if you are working in another practice, you are unlikely to be an employee, but a contractor to a business, and expected to run a business within the business. Or you move from working in another business to running your own business from home or elsewhere. You probably don’t have business or marketing training, so can feel daunted, and not sure how to promote yourself. You will have seen others become burnt out or disillusioned and hope it doesn’t happen to you.

My name is Robyn Barraclough, and I have built a successful part time practice with a full time income. I have faced all those problems, and in my quest to balance home life with 5 children, and work life, have created systems to build your practice and support your lifestyle.

This is a workshop with a difference.

I will take you through some techniques to help you get better results with your clients, and importantly, a step by step process to build your business to one that supports you rather than drains you.

What’s the training program about?

  1. Planning a profitable business that gives you freedom to serve your clients better.

Most Natural Therapists learn their Therapy then start a business by default. You may busy with clients but have not time for yourself or your family, or not enough clients, and not enough money but lots of time. Not many practitioners have a business that gives them time and money. Because, lets face it, If you aren’t refreshed and fulfilled, you cant provide the best service to your clients. I take you through a process to help you build a business that not only meets the needs of your clients but also meets your lifestyle needs.

  1. How to specialize in a particular treatment or particular type of client and give even better service. Most practitioners try to be everything to everyone. Most practitioners don’t know these cool tips that can really turn your business around. Learn how to choose a niche that suits the way you practice, and provides greater value to your clients.
  2. How to build a successful business even if you are a technophobe. While some practitioners love technology, I know others avoid it. I show you step by step ways to use technology that really supports and builds your business without being overwhelmed. If you are a techno-geek, I shows you ways to make the best use of your time.
  3. A proven formula to meet the needs of your clients. Most practitioners offer clients what they think their clients need, but is it what their clients want? We take you through a proven formula that leaves your clients feeling really heard, supported and that you have provided them with much more than they expected.
  4. Getting out of the trading time for money trap. Bodywork practitioners and Natural Therapists pride themselves on how much time they spend with clients, supporting them and listening and meeting their needs. The problem is that this limits the number of clients that each practitioner can look after. Most practice owners address this by building bigger practices with more practitioners, or overlapping clients. But not everyone wants to see more clients. I will share with you other ways to provide incredible service, leverage your time and get out of the trading time for money trap.
  5. Marketing your business. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Proven methods that create the results that you want. Take the guesswork out of marketing and promotion and get results. Learn how a 45-minute presentation increased my income by $10000. How a 2 hour workshop increased my sales in products and created a relationship with new clients who continued to purchase other services and products. I will show you online and offline strategies.
  6. Overcome your mental and emotional blocks to business. Learn simple but effective techniques to overcome your mental and emotional blocks to business and help you move towards your goals.
  7. Get even better results with your Clients. Robyn Shows you a little-known technique that can give you the edge when working with your clients. This technique will teach you simple skills to support you take the actions you need to get the outcomes you want. As you learn these skills you will also learn how you can support your clients to overcome blocks to living their dreams as well.
  8. Robyn’s secrets to making it easy for you to earn passive income in your practice. Most practitioners don’t know how to create passive income in their business. If they do know how, most practitioners don’t act on making it happen because it seems too hard or takes too much time. Robyn reveals her simplified model to make passive income while providing amazing value to your clients.

When and where is it?

The event runs for three days 25th -27th November. Timing is about 9am to 5pm each day (depending on how many questions you ask). There is also a networking event on the Saturday evening where you get a change to talk to Robyn and other attendees one on one.

Because Robyn takes you through a step by step process over the three days, its important that you attend every session. You don’t want to miss one piece of the puzzle.

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Who is Robyn Barraclough?

I am a Dorothy Hall trained Herbalist, Homoeopath and Body Harmony teacher. I also have a degree in Marketing. I have been in Practice since 2000. I have practiced Part time for over 12 years. Whilst I started working part time out of necessity with having a young family, my focus and quest became how to work part time and spend quality time with my 5 children when they needed it. How could I build a business that provided more value for my clients and passive income for me whilst seeing clients only 2 days per week. Most Natural Therapy businesses don’t do this so I had to search out how. Along the way I discovered that other practitioners wanted to know this too. I am passionate about helping practitioners build successful businesses that support the lifestyle they want.

Who is the training suitable for?

  • Natural therapies Practitioners You have your own business and are looking for strategies that can support you to get better results with clients without being a slave to your business.
  • Entrepreneurial practitioners.  You have a successful business, but are looking for ways to still support your clients, give you passive income, and give you more time for the things you love to do. Your keen to try new strategies that support you having the balance you need, just like you advise your clients.
  • New or student practitioners looking to kick start your business. You’re just starting out and looking for ways to grow your business and get it really working for you. But you aren’t sure about the best ways to get started or to grow your business.
  • The Frustrated Natural Therapist. Maybe you’re going OK, but you feel you could do so much more. You hear stories of other practitioners succeeding and want to know how to “crack it” yourself. You have a few gaps in your knowledge especially about growing your business and marketing, and you find it hard to know what steps to take.

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 What’s different about Robyn’s Training?

Lots! Here are the main thing Robyn does differently from other events you may have attended.

  • You’ll learn how to build and market your business, designing it for success. You will learn skills and strategies that you can apply to your business to get it moving. You will also learn strategies to shift your mindset to help you create what you want from your business and your life.
  • The 3 days cover a step by step process. Each session follows logically from the one before.
  • My teaching is clear, logical and simple. I have a communications background and have been teaching and training for over 10 years, so know how to get ideas across in an easy to understand systematic way and still give you “aha” moments.
  • I won’t tease you with a little bit of information then ask you to buy something to get the real stuff. I will give you practical, easy to implement strategies that you can take hope and apply immediately.

What are you selling?

At the event, I will make one main offer for those who would like to get some personal help me.  I have a high-level program where I work closely with you to implement the strategies you learn at the workshop. If you’d like to be considered for a place in that program (because its quite intensive I only take a handful of clients a year), then I’ll ask you to fill out an application form. I will talk to you the week after the event so you can jointly decide if the program will suit you.

Please note: my high level program has limited places and will not be available to every body at the workshop. Entrance to the program is by application only, detail of which will be given at the workshop.

What if I have other questions?

Send through an email or go to the Facebook page. Links are at the top and bottom of this page

How do I book?

Any of the Book now buttons on this page will take you to the registration form.  Please double check the spelling of your name as this is what will appear on your name tag.

If you’d like to bring a friend then you can register them after you have registered yourself and hit the “submit” button.

If you are bringing more than one person that’s fine. Simply come back to this page and repeat the booking process by clicking on one of the “book Now” buttons then adding the extra people.

Even though the event is free, you do need to be registered to gain entry.