Did you know that mineral imbalance could be affecting your mindset?

Mineral imbalances don’t only affect your body’s function, in the form of signs and symptoms, they can also affect your mental health and psychology. Lets take a look at the triangle of health. This talks about health from Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.  You can work with your psychologist to get results with your depression, but if you are eating junk food, or don’t have the right nutrition, or have a lot of stress affecting your body’s abilty to absorb that nutrition, then the results are going to be average.

Sarah the shift worker

Here is an example. Sarah came to me suffering anxiety and depression. She hadn’t been sleeping well since she worked as a shift worker 5 years ago, and now, her relationship with her daughter was strained, and worrying her.

What I realized, was the shift work had caused stress on her body, and an imbalance in her minerals. The types of foods she was eating weren’t providing the necessary minerals to repair the imbalance, and over time the mineral imbalance worsened. The additional stress with her daughter left her body with more of a mineral deficiency. These issues combined led to symptoms of anxiety and depression that despite medication were not improving and resolving.

I prescribed a number of Biochemic Minerals to resolve the deficiencies, and within a few short weeks, she noticed an initial improvement. Interestingly, she also noticed a packet of cigarettes was lasting 2 days instead of one and she had less desire to smoke cigarettes.

How can your brain function effectively if it doesn’t have the right food?

How can those chemical changes happen that are necessary for a healthy mindset if your body doesn’t have the key minerals to make it happen? Minerals in the body are the building blocks for all the body’s functions. With them in the right place and time, your body starts to get back on track, and that includes your moods and mindset.

Whilst a number of minerals are key to this, Kali Phos is extremely important for brain function. If there isn’t sufficient Kali phos, then numerous mindset symptoms can develop, like depression, fears, forebodings, anxiety, and more. If there isn’t enough Kali phos, it can become harder to sleep, because your mind can’t switch off from thinking. There can be exhaustion and fatigue. Fears can start to creep in affecting your ability to relax and calm down.

If the brain doesn’t have its food to power the brain, then it becomes dysfunctional, and symptoms arise.

Now this doesn’t mean that you go out and look for a whole heap of supplements. That’s not what I mean. Supplements taken in too high a dosage, without being overseen by your natural health practitioner, can over time mean that you are getting too much of a mineral, which can then have side effects.

The key is in the dosage. Taking an amount which is small enough to have an effect, and stimulate your body’s uptake from food, whilst not flooding the bloodstream, so the mineral can get where it’s needed to act – in all those cells in the body, those mini powerhouses that keep your body working.

Biochemic Minerals (sometimes called Tissue Salts or cell salts) help your body to take what is needed from food and balance the minerals going in and out of the cells. Your body can then fulfil its functions more effectively.

The result is, that over time, mindsets can change. Fears, anxiety, and depression can also improve. My experience, and the experience of many others who work this way, is that treat from all three sides of the triangle at once increases the effectiveness of the overall treatment, and increases the speed of results. That makes for happy clients.

To find out more about how Biochemic Minerals or Tissue Salts work, go to Tissuesaltstraining.com.

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