E-Class 35 – Start Practicing with Tissue Salts

E-Class 35 – Start Practicing with Tissue Salts

Getting started

  • Ordering Tissue Salts
  • Practitioner association memberships and Insurance
  • FAQ’s

Steps to a successful practice

In this eclass, you will go through the steps for your practice.

This will be different for everyone depending on your experience.

On Successful completion of your exam, you will receive your Diploma certificate from The Institute of Biochemic Medicine.

Steps for practice.

There is a differentiation I want you to consider because they have different meanings and different actions to me.  Let me know what you think.

Setting yourself up to practice uses all the tools you have learnt for your modality or therapy, and setting yourself up to use them in your practice.

Setting yourself up for business, involves many of the things that you may not have learnt in your training, but which actually turn your practice into a successful business.

Step 1. Setting yourself up to practice

Step 2. Setting yourself up for business

Lets look at step 1 – setting yourself up to practice.

There are going to be certain rules and regulations for how you practice in your country. Take the time to research and find out what they are. Make sure that you are practicing within them, and can fulfil your local obligations.

Many of you will already know these things, but it is good to be reminded.

Processes are different for different countries. In Australia these are the processes. In other countries, check with your relevant professional associations as to what your processes are.  It is important that you follow all of the relevant requirements for your country for practicing with Biochchemic Remedies / Tissue Salts / Cell Salts. It is your responsibility to research what those requirements are.  The following checklist will give you tips to consider and act on. Contact the Institute of Biochemic Medicine for suppliers of Biochemic Remedies in your region. See http://tissuesaltstraining.com/ordering-tissue-salts/

Here is your checklist.

  1. Qualifications and Continuing Education File
  • Photocopy your certificate and file it as part of your records and documentation for your qualifications file. I use this file to keep a record of my training and education.
  • Make an electronic copy and add it to your electronic continuing education file.
  • Some associations do audits periodically of their members to check that they are keeping current and up to date with their training and education. If you have all your courses, qualifications, certificates of participation and so forth in your file, you will never be caught out if you get audited.
  • Show proof of education and learning to be considered for a course or qualification
  • When you apply for business accounts with suppliers they may need to see your qualifications. Being able to access them easily (without taking them out of the frame on the wall) saves you time and worry.
  1. Frame your Certificate and put it up in your clinic or practice room
  2. Contact the Institute of Biochemic Medicine with your clinic details to list them on the Institute of Biochemic Practitioners website.
  3. Inform your relevant associations of your additional qualifications
  4. Inform your insurance provider of additional qualifications
  5. Order Tissue Salts
  6. Check your local requirements for keeping client and clinic records.

I am a qualified Health Practitioner, can I use this course for Continuing Education Points?

This course teaches “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy”, a scientifically proven evidence based therapy. It is a Continuing Education Module for Doctors, Dentists, Chemists and Veterinary Surgeons and associated modalities in the European Union. It is applicable for Continuing Education Points in many Associations in Australia, and UK. Please check with your Association. The Institute of Biochemic Medicine may be able to assist with it being included as Continuing Education with your Association if required.

Putting all you have learnt into Practice

You now have the knowledge you need to practice. Now it is time to put your knowledge into practice.

  1. Use the Questionnaire with your clients – this will help you gain familiarity with the remedies and their specific unique characteristics.
  2. Use your manuals to clarify any questions you have about which remedy to choose. Your Manuals are a great resource for when you are working in your clinic. Keep them handy to refer to when you are working with clients.
  3. Prescribe the remedies.
  4. Follow up in an appropriate timeframe for your client, eg 2 weeks or a month. Review what has worked, what has changed and what you need to adjust
  5. Get help when you need it.

What if I have a difficult case, how will I know what minerals are needed?

Some cases are more difficult than others. I have found it makes a big difference if you have a mentor for these cases, to help build confidence when you are starting out. More importantly we want you to learn from such cases, so you can gain confidence. We have a unique system to support you that uses what you already know, combined with a facial photo and then feedback so that you learn and understand why the particular minerals are needed. This system is unique and really supports your learning, understanding and confidence in prescribing. One of my goals is to support you in being the best practitioner you can be. It’s amazing how quickly your confidence builds with a few case studies and feedback.

This is not a process where you get me to do all the work.

You work out your prescription and send it back for review along with a facial photo. Please note, that good quality photos are required for accurate diagnosis, and review of your case.

Get in the habit of asking for photos for your own records, so that you can see the changes and improvements.

Your exercise for this week is to follow the steps outlined for starting your practice.

Next week

Steps to building your business.

We will look at some of the key things to build your business, and look at how the 3rd module can help you to grow your business, using  one strategy that many health businesses completely overlook.