E-Class 40 – Tissue Salts for Pregnancy

E-Class 40 – Tissue Salts for Pregnancy

This week

Clients are becoming more conscious of how their health affects the health of their baby. Changing attitudes to pregnancy mean that women are making conscious health decisions in pregnancy: changing drinking and smoking habits prior to and in pregnancy; healthy diet leading up to and during pregnancy and increased use of mineral supplements for pregnancy. Let’s take a look at how Tissue Salts can make a great addition to this health regime.

In the process of exploring that this week, we will look at how you can support your clients who are pregnant, or planning to have children, with tissue salts.

Increased demands of pregnancy

  • Using the Pregnancy reference section
  • Treatments for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

References  – Additional Study Notes and Information Manual

  • Pregnancy and the use of Biochemic Therapies p9-12
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health


Pregnancy and childbirth is a unique and special time for women. It can be a time of joy, expectation, concern, learning, strange bodily sensations and more for women. It can also be a time of learning how to listen to what their body is telling them that they need, in preparation for caring for a new baby. Many people will take the time prior to pregnancy, when they are planning for pregnancy, as a chance to really look after their body, to become healthy, lose weight, or prepare their body for a baby by being as healthy as they can.

Stages of treatment

You will have clients come to you at a variety of stages prior to and during their pregnancy. Consider how you could address the needs of clients at each of these different stages.

  • Planning for pregnancy – the planners and preppers
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Post pregnancy for mum and baby

Planning for pregnancy – The planners and preppers

These people come to you for Pre-pregnancy preparation treatment. There are several reasons why they do this.

  • To create as healthy environment as possible for their baby
  • They fear that they may not be able to fall pregnant, or that it will take a long time.
  • To reduce the risks of miscarriage by addressing any health issues prior to falling pregnant.
  • Friends, or family members have had difficulty falling pregnant, complications in pregnancy, or other health issues so they want to do everything they can to prepare for pregnancy.
  • They may be anxious about this change in life and their ability to transition into parenthood

The benefits of Tissue Salts for this stage

  • Biochemic Detox – a safe way for clients to prepare or detox prior to pregnancy. If they fall pregnant during the detox process, there are no contraindications of Tissue salts on mum or baby.

 Treatment –  see the eclass on Biochemic detox for ideas on how to work with your clients. Notice that calcium minerals are used in some stages of some treatment protocols so will actually support mum-to-be with nourishing herself prior to pregnancy. Personally, I would follow this type of detox with a “nourishing strategy” discussed next.

  • Nutritional Preparation for pregnancy – Baby is going to cause a drain on mum’s mineral resources. The baby will take whatever it needs, and if mum is deficient in that mineral, she can start to experience symptoms of that deficiency. For example, there is an old saying “have a baby, lose a tooth”. Babies use a lot of calcium to form and grow all their cells, bones and nerves. Baby will draw on all the calcium in food that it needs. If there isn’t enough in food, baby will draw on mum’s supplies, from what is circulating in blood. If there isn’t enough there, mums body will draw it out of bones or teeth to supply the needs of the growing baby. If a woman is low in calcium prior to pregnancy, she could experience tooth decay, or lose a tooth as part of this process. Giving Mum-to-be Tissue Salts prior to, during and after pregnancy will help her have the minerals she needs to support a growing baby and reduce the chances of mineral depletion and its consequences during pregnancy.

Treatment – Calc Phos and Calc Fluor are key minerals for the growth of the baby during pregnancy. Providing these minerals prior to pregnancy will start mum on the right track for the additional demands of baby on these minerals.

Address any specific needs of mum that she shows from facial signs and history. Supporting her now with the appropriate tissue salts will help her during pregnancy.

  • Mental and emotional support – All sorts of feelings, anxieties and concerns can arise from the time that a woman decides she wants to have children, through pregnancy and beyond. Attitudes and beliefs can impact on a woman in pre-pregnancy: Beliefs about children, stories about other women’s experiences, concerns about her health or the health of her baby to be, couple dynamics where one partner wants children and the other doesn’t, can all impact on her ability (actual or perceived ability) to fall pregnant. Tissue Salts can meet the biochemic demands of the body from these thoughts and concerns, as well as support women through the emotional ups and down prior to, during and post pregnancy.

Treatment – First and foremost, consider what mum-to-be requires based on her signs symptoms and facial diagnosis. This will help you determine what minerals will provide emotional support:

  • Kali phos for thoughts, concerns and anxieties, and other mental, emotional and psychological support.
  • Mag Phos to help relax and wind down.
  • Calc Phos to relax the nervous system. S
  • Silica for stubborn beliefs or attitudes, self-imposed barriers, or procrastination.

Using Tissue Salts with your clients in any of these ways, may even assist them falling pregnant if they are having trouble falling pregnant. For example, a client of mine was having difficulty falling pregnant. She was trying several things without luck and was looking to IVF even though she had fallen pregnant naturally previously. She had a scan which showed mucous in the fallopian tubes affecting the ability of the egg to travel down and be fertilised. This symptom, along with other signs, symptoms and facial signs indicated Kali Chlor. I prescribed Kali Chlor and she fell pregnant in the next 2 months.

A word of caution

Increased demands are placed on a woman’s body during pregnancy. The baby needs minerals to grow and develop, putting a greater demand on the woman to provide not only her needs but also the needs of her growing baby.

If circulating blood doesn’t contain enough of the minerals needed for both mother and baby, the woman’s reserves are literally “plundered”. It is very import therefore for the mother’s minerals to be kept in balance during pregnancy.

This balance can be easily diagnosed using Facial Diagnosis and controlled using Tissue Salts. The Institute of Biochemic Medicine recommends women consult with a health practitioner for best results and a treatment that is tailored to them. Health practitioners can work with the varying presentations of the pregnancy and adapt the treatment as required.

Biochemic Minerals are not able to supplement the total demand for minerals. A diet rich in a wide variety of foods is essential to health, especially in pregnancy to help supply the additional demand for nutrition.

Preventative care – Basic Remedies

There are some Basic remedies when working with pregnant women due to the higher demand for them in the body.

Calc Fluor

For the child – helps form surface of bones and teeth
For Mum – supports elasticity of the belly (reducing the effects of stretchmarks)

  • Helps prevent tearing during childbirth

Calc Phos

For the child –Helps build up protein, forms blood, bones and teeth

For Mum – stabilises and strengthens various organs and tissues including the muscles of the uterus, bones of baby and mother.

  • Valuable in preventing morning sickness.
  • Needed when teeth deteriorate, become sensitive or develop plaque during pregnancy

Sodium Chloride

  • Needed for “cell construction”, producing and dividing cells


  • For strong connective tissues

A key treatment for women prior to, during and post pregnancy is Calc Fluor and Calc Phos:

Calc Fluor – eg. 2 tablets per day prior to pregnancy, up to 3 tablets 3 times per day during pregnancy

Calc Phos – eg. 2 tablets before each meal.

Vary the dosage according to your client’s signs and symptoms.

Consider the other basic minerals mentioned depending on your client’s signs and symptoms.


Symptoms During pregnancy

Symptoms can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Expect each pregnancy and symptoms in pregnancy to be different. However, take careful note of case histories for things to watch out for or be cautious of in this pregnancy. Usually your client’s primary health care provider, midwife, obstetrician or doctor will be aware of these, and so should you. Knowing there is a tendency to haemorrhage, miscarriage or other complications means that you can work with your client towards preventative actions and mineral support. Know your scope of practice, and what you are qualified for, and can and cannot handle, and refer on where necessary.

For example, I was supporting a client who at 35 weeks started experiencing pains and cramping which could have been prelabour pains. She called me to see what to do. Due to the location and nature of the pains we suspected they were gall bladder pains, but wanted to be sure. I prescribed mag phos, and asked her to call me within an hour to see what effect the remedy had. She called me, with little variation in pain, but symptoms which did not seem to fit labour so I asked her to contact her midwife or doctor to get assessed. She went to the doctor, initial assessments were clear, but then further tests showed gallstones.

Now we knew what we were dealing with. Treatment became easy. She also knew what to expect. We had treated her for gallstones after her previous pregnancy, and she had been completely clear prior to falling pregnant, so we knew treatment could help the stones pass.  Over the next few days she took appropriate Tissue Salts and herbs. She experienced symptoms which told her the gallstones had passed, and she had no further symptoms for the rest of her pregnancy and her baby’s birth at 40 weeks.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting is a common symptom particularly in the first trimester. A combination of simple behaviours and remedies can help reduce the severity of symptoms.

For example, eating by 7am in the morning, when I was pregnant with my first child, stopped nausea almost immediately. If I went over that time, it wouldn’t stop for hours. Eating a dry cracker helps other women. Encourage your clients to listen to their body for clues. Tissue Salts also help to counteract the mineral deficiency the signs are showing. Facial signs help with diagnosis.

Calc Phos – there is a great demand for Calc phos during pregnancy for the baby to grow. Calc phos before meals can help supply that demand, ease nausea symptoms, and help the body rest and digest. 2 x Calc Phos before meals

Ferrum Phos – vomiting after meals, e.g. where your client can eat, but she can’t keep it down. There may be vomiting of acidic fluid.

Kali Phos – exhaustion from vomiting, or needing to continually snack throughout the day

Nat Chlor – vomiting watery fluid

Nat Phos – nausea, vomiting acidic fluid, reflux symptoms

Herbal teas can also be helpful – fennel, chamomile, ginger all assist with digestion and may reduce symptoms, and can be prescribed alongside tissue salts.

Excessive Embryo movement

Do you remember which remedy moved around in bed a lot? Well the same remedy helps when babies move around a lot in the belly during pregnancy.

Silica – excessive movement in utero.

Pregnancy Marks

Some women develop pregnancy marks (chloasma) on their face or skin.

Kali Sulph –  helps reduce the marks during and after pregnancy.

Preparing Nipples for breastfeeding

Some women have difficulty with cracked nipples, sore nipples, painful nipples when breastfeeding, and sometimes even during pregnancy. Once again, consider the symptoms and think about why your client may need each remedy. Cream may be applied to the nipple area or tablets may be taken internally to help prepare.

Calc Fluor –  elasticity of nipples for breastfeeding

Ferrum phos – inflamed or infected nipples, or used prophylactically to prevent inflammation

Kali Phos – torn or cracked nipples

Nat Chlor – cracked nipples, milk flow – fluids are going to be flowing from the breast through the nipples to the baby. Nat chlor helps distribute and regulate fluids, including the flow of milk

Silica – helps connective tissue, sensitive nipples


Tissue Salts may help prevent miscarriage. HOWEVER Advise your client to seek appropriate Medical Practitioner’s advice should any signs or symptoms of miscarriage occur. It is essential that you refer your client to the appropriate care.

Miscarriage sometimes happens because there is a weakness of the cervix, or incompetent cervix, which has difficulty holding the pregnancy. This usually occurs in the second trimester.

According to the March of Dimes, more than 80% of miscarriages occur in the first 3 months of pregnancy. However only 15-25% of recognised pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Web MD says that most miscarriages happen when the baby has a fatal genetic problem. These problems are usually unrelated to the mother.

Other causes of miscarriage include:

  • Infection
  • Medical conditions in the mother such as diabetes or thyroid disease
  • Hormone problems
  • Immune system problems
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Physical problems in the mother

Symptoms of miscarriage include:

  • Bleeding which progresses from light to heavy
  • Severe cramps
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Weakness
  • Back pain

Ref: http://www.webmd.com/baby/guide/pregnancy-miscarriage#1

So, by now you should have some ideas as to how you could help a client to avoid a miscarriage.

Avoiding a miscarriage

To help avoid a miscarriage, it is first important to know what could be causing this. Facial signs, and symptoms are important to help choose the appropriate remedy or remedies.

  • For example, if there is an infection or fever, then Ferrum Phos and Kali Chlor may prevent miscarriage by treating the infection. Follow the treatment for fever and infections to aid quick recovery.
  • If there is bleeding, Ferrum Phos could help stop the bleed and hence prevent the placenta coming away from the wall of the uterus. Just as it can help the muscles of the colon to peristalsis, it may help the cervix to strengthen and hold the baby.
  • Kali Sulph may help to excrete toxins from chronic infection or other causes affecting the body’s ability to hold the pregnancy.
  • Calc Phos – a key remedy for cell formation and healthy growth. It nourishes and build the proteins, and blood required for baby and placenta to hold the baby in place.

Calc Phos – required for healthy baby growth.

Ferrum Phos – first stage of inflammation, fever, bleeding, build immune system

Potassium Chloride – second stage of inflammation, blood clots

Potassium Sulphate – third stage of fever, excrete toxins

After a miscarriage

Calc Fluor – helps elasticity return to the tissues, and aids recovery

Kali Phos – as well as aiding recovery mentally and emotionally, Kali Phos may help fight or prevent infection from retained product, by helping the body to remove toxic material.


Tissue Salts are safe to use during the birth, and provide great support. All my births were natural, and without pain relief, using only breathing and natural remedies. Most of the births I have supported have been natural births without drugs or medical intervention. However, tending to haemorrhage, I am acutely aware of how important it is to get medical assistance and intervention when required.

Prior to the birth, I prepare a small kit of remedies – herbal, homeopathic and Tissue salts for my clients prior to giving birth with instructions on how to use them during birth. I ask them to share the information with their support people, and put one of their support people in charge of remedies and giving / offering them to her in labour. I have also supported at numerous births where this is my role either in person or via phone, if required. When attending a birth, I have worked with medical practitioners to use a natural remedy first, before a medical intervention, with great results, often avoiding the need for the medical intervention. This area of support is not for everyone, and incredibly valuable if you are a midwife, doula or birth support person, or suitably trained to work with pregnant women.

Create Your kit

Create a kit for your client with some key remedies for birthing. Add remedies specific to your client.

Kali Phos

Kali Phos supports and strengthens uterus muscles before and during childbirth. Start to give it a few days prior to giving birth.

Mag phos

Helps with pain relief and contractions.

Calc Fluor

Calc Fluor increases the elasticity of skin and tissue. It tightens limp skin and tissue after pregnancy. It also helps prevent varicose veins in pregnancy,

This mineral is slow acting so use it regularly for long periods.

Ferrum Phos

To stop any bleeding, or to help provide energy to the muscles for contration.


It is very important to get heavy bleeding under control. Bleeding can become life threatening quickly. So, needs to be acted on promptly, and in conjunction with appropriate medical care.

Ferrum Phos – give in very frequent doses, every 2-5 minutes if necessary until bleeding stops. Alternately put 10 tablets in a water and sip frequently.

Labour and Contractions

Mag phos is a valuable remedy in labour. 10 tablets added to a water thermos as a hot 7, or a water bottle helps contractions establish and can help with pain

Mag Phos –

  • convulsive contractions
  • Painful contractions

Weak Contractions

Sometimes contractions don’t establish, or are too weak to push the baby down the birth canal. The mother can also get exhausted, and muscles are weak. When the mother is physically and / or mentally exhausted I prescribe Kali phos which really helps her to find the strength to carry on.

Calc Fluor – helps with the elasticity of the muscles and tendons, helping the pelvis to open and allow the baby’s head to pass.

Ferrum Phos and Kali Phos – gives energy to exhausted muscles for effective contractions

Kali Phos – for Physical and mental exhaustion.


Assist Presentation of the placenta

Stage 3 Labour is the birth of the placenta. If the mother is exhausted, this can be delayed. If its delayed too long there may be concerns of haemorrhage or retained placenta, often called retained product.

Calc Fluor – assist the placenta to come away from the uterus

Kali Phos –  assists stage 3 especially if mother is exhausted

After-pains and regeneration of the uterus

After pains are an important part of the birthing process. They help the uterus to contract down, remove any blood or products from the uterus, and start the regeneration process of the uterus to its normal shape and structure.

After pains don’t occur

Calc Fluor – assist with elasticity of the muscles so the muscles can shrink and stretch to form the afterpain contractions

Ferrum phos – provide oxygenation to the muscles for the muscles to act

Kali Phos – assist tired and exhausted muscles.

Regeneration of the uterus

Calc Fluor –  return the elasticity to the uterus to bring it back to shape

Ferrum phos – regeneration

Post Natal

Post natally there are lots of ways that tissue salts can help.

Use the repertory on page 10-11 to help address any symptoms that occur for baby or mum


Mastitis, inflammation, sore and cracked nipples are some of the symptoms that can be experienced after birth when milk comes in and baby starts feeding. There are other signs and symptoms that can also be helped with Tissue Salts.


Mastitis and infection can cause suppuration of nipples.

Nat Phos and Silica – draw out infection and inflammation


Ferrum phos – 1st stage of inflammation

Mag phos – painful breasts from inflammation

Nat Phos –  redness with inflammation,


Lumps should be checked by appropriate medical practitioner before starting Tissue Salts.

Calc Fluor – hard lumps

Nat Phos and Silica – to treat and draw out inflammation


Soft swelling is best treated by

Kali Chlor


Itching can be from a variety of causes

Kali Sulph – skin affections and inflammation –

Kali sulph assists the regeneration of the upper skin layer and is good for itching skin in pregnancy. Often the itching appears in the evening confirming the need for Kali sulph.

Mag Phos – reduces the pain and sensitivity and desire to scratch, along with calming nervous system response

Nat Sulph – helps excrete fluids or toxins and relieves itching


Calc fluor – elasticity

Sore Nipples

For sore nipples refer to the remedies discusses in preparing nipples for birth.

Torn/ cracked nipples – Calc Fluor, Kali Phos

Sore / bloody nipples – Ferrum phos, Nat Chlor


Normal protocols for fever should be followed. Fever after childbirth can mean that there is an infection somewhere, or retained product. If fever is prolonged, seek medical advice.

High fever

Ferrum Phos and Kali Phos –  alternated frequently,

Childbirth Fever

Kali Phos – high fever and to eliminate toxins from possible

Nat Chlor –  regulates fluids

Milk and breastfeeding

Did you know that you can tell a lot about what your client needs from the breast milk? Think about how you can use Tissue Salts to treat some common breast feeding issues.

Calc Phos is an important mineral for breast feeding as it promotes milk secretion and milk production. So make sure you remind your clients to continue using Calc phos while they are breastfeeding.

Also consider how breastmilk is a fluid. And which mineral helps regulate the flow of fluids in the body? Nat Chlor, so it is not surprising that Nat Chlor comes up in the symptoms of milk a lot. Ask mum to taste the breast milk and look at its colour if she expresses some, as this can also help your diagnosis.

Salty milk –

Nat Chlor

Thin milk

Nat Chlor

Not enough milk

Calc Fluor

Calc Phos – assists milk secretion and production

Kali Chlor – lymph regulation and flow of breast milk

Nat Chlor – helps the milk to flow

Too much milk

Nat Sulph – regulates fluid excretion

Milk Secretion

Calc Phos

 Growth on thighs – Phlegmasia alba dolens

Sometimes called “milk leg” because it affects women in the third trimester of pregnancy or post-partum. The patient has a swollen and whit leg because arterial blood flow is compromised, secondary to extensive DVT deep vein thrombosis.

Kali phos and Sodium Sulphate

Weakness during convalescence

Calc phos, Kali Phos and Nat chlor can assist recovery and build energy levels.

Take as long as required, based on client’s signs and symptoms.

Depression – pregnancy or post-natal

Depression, emotional disorders, mood swings and psychological issues may be related to changing hormones, or internal or external stresses.

Consider the depression Prescription we spoke of previously

Kali Phos, Mag Phos  – 5 tablets in alternation at each meal

Nat Chlor  – 2 tablets after each meal

Kali Chlor – overconcern for baby, hypochondria, and other symptoms causing depression

Pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing experience. As you can see there are lots of ways you can support your clients through the process.

Steps for Building your Business

Creating your offer

This is the fun part.

So, what I create is a birthing kit, with remedies instruction sheet and rescue phone call. What I have found is that only about 10% of people will use the rescue phone call. However, if they have paid for it, it gives them permission to make the call if they need it, when otherwise they have said to me, “This happened, but I didn’t want to bother you”. Remember to add parameters around when they can or can’t call you. Also, the more involved someone wants me to be with the birth, the higher the cost.

Following on from last week, what could you offer your clients in your niche that provides value. Take your magic wand process from last week and create your offer including the things that you are willing to provide for your client.

It may include

  • Services – your time
  • Products that support your service – (eg. Tissue salts)
  • Something which solves a problem for them, information product, instructions, guides, checklists – these items are particularly cost effective because you build them once and use them many times for no added expense.

What are the benefits to your client of them taking up your offer?

The key point in this process is solving a problem for the client. It is not about what you think they need, but if you offer something that they want, then they will want to buy it.

Exercise 1 – Creating your offer

Create your offer.

  1. What is the problem you are solving?
  2. What are you including in your offer?
  3. What are the benefits to your client of each item?
  4. What is the cost of each item individually, and what price will you sell the bundled product for?

I look forward to hearing what you create! Have fun.

Next week

We explore another Niche, and next steps in building your business, testing your offer.


See you soon.


Kind regards