E-Class 41 – “I am Woman”

E-Class 41 – “I am Woman”

This week

Let’s go into the world of “not-so-secret” women’s business. The female menstrual cycle is a source of much information about her health and wellbeing, particularly, which minerals she needs.

In the process of exploring that this week, we will look at how you can support your client’s health using their menstrual cycles symptoms as a guide.

  • How the female cycle helps with prescribing
  • Benefits of the menstrual cycle
  • Treatments for menstrual symptoms

References – Additional Study Notes and Information Manual

  • “Female Disorders” p14-16
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health

The Female Cycle

Many women have symptoms associated with their periods. Some women have very few symptoms. Many women are surprised to discover that Tissue Salts help reduce the symptoms associated with their cycle, that they considered “normal” and “unfixable”.

Your client’s menstrual cycle and associated symptoms provides a wealth of information about what minerals your client may be deficient in, and for how long.

Here are just some of the symptoms that can be helped with Tissue Salts

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Absent periods, or too frequent periods
  • Clots
  • Different types and coloured blood
  • Discharges between periods
  • Cramps
  • Aches and pains associated with the period

Benefits of the Menstrual Cycle

By now you probably know a lot about the function of the menstrual cycle, but there are also some lesser known benefits.

  • Menstruation can help the body to release excess acidity in the body via the menstrual bleed. When periods stop, this valuable avenue of detoxification is no longer available and may be one of the reasons why women then experience excess sweating or hot flushes.
  • In Chinese medicine, the uterus is also known as the second heart. When the heart is under load emotionally or physically, your body may use the uterus as a way of diverting heart energy, eliminating emotions or eliminating toxins.
  • In some indigenous cultures, women gathered together and celebrated womanhood with ceremonies like the Red Tent, which were nourishing and nurturing of feminine energy. Menstruation can remind us to go within and rest, let go, nourish and replenish, ready for the next creative process. In our modern-day society, it can be a gentle reminder to take care of yourself first.

Women’s relationship to their menstrual cycle

I am probably unusual because I actually look forward to my period. I first experienced this desire to have my period after having my oldest daughter. My period hadn’t returned after about 9 months, and I could feel the tension building up in my body without my period as a way to release. I remember the relief when my period came, physically, mentally and emotionally. That changed my whole relationship to menstruation, as a release rather than a burden.

Many women have very different stories, but by giving Tissue Salts you can provide great relief in many cases.

How the Female Cycle helps with prescribing

1.      Symptoms help determine mineral deficiencies

They type of symptoms a girl or woman has during her cycle helps fine tune your prescription.  For example:

Period symptoms

  • Cramps – Mag Phos
  • Heavy bleeding with clots, black blood – Kali Chlor
  • Bright red blood – Ferr Phos
  • Stringy and fibrous blood – Mag Phos
  • Thin watery blood – Nat Chlor and Kali Phos
  • Too Frequent – Calc Phos
  • Late periods – Nat Chlor, Kali Sulph and Kali Phos
  • Delayed periods in young girls – Nat Chlor
  • Profuse – Kali Chlor, Calc Fluor, Kali Phos
  • Aching in the uterus – Calc Phos
  • Dragging sensation in the groin or back – Calc Fluor
  • Dryness of the vagina – Nat Chlor
  • Hysteric fits of crying – Kali Phos
  • Increased sexual desire, especially before the period – Calc Phos

Symptoms between periods

  • Leucorrhoea with albuminous (like egg white) discharge – Calc Phos
  • Milky white non-irritating discharge – Nat Phos
  • Scalding acrid discharge – Nat Chlor and Kali Phos

Symptoms that occur at the same time as menstruation

These are accompanying symptoms which your clients might say they experience at the time of their period but not at other times

  • Cold extremities – Calc Phos and Ferr Phos
  • Colic – Nat Sulph, Kali Phos, Mag Phos
  • Smelly sweaty feet – Silica
  • Frontal headache – Nat Chlor, Fer Phos, Kali Phos
  • And more see page 15

Use the list of symptoms on pages 14-16 to assist you with prescribing for specific symptoms. Please note that the list is partly directly translated from Dr Schuessler, so some of the expressions are typical of the 19th Century medical terms. However, we have covered most of the words in our glossary over the period of the course, and there are additional notes to help clarify.

This reference is particularly useful when your client has unusual or specific symptoms. Find the related mineral deficiency for the unusual symptom along with the rest of their history, and you may have some key remedies to help your clients symptoms.

2.      When did symptoms begin?

Puberty – Some women describe symptoms since puberty. In other words, hormonal changes may have added additional stress to the body’s mineral supplies, leading to deficiencies and symptoms. Look for patterns that may continue throughout their adult life. Growth spurts are also common at this stage, indicating that the body is using a lot of both Calcium Phosphate and Magnesium Phosphate.

Pregnancy and childbirth – This is another peak hormonal time, but there is also a great drain on specific minerals for baby’s growth and development, particularly Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Fluoride. Pregnancies in quick succession, or complications during pregnancy or after the birth may also give clues to mineral requirements.

Menopause – as hormone levels of oestrogen change, the body doesn’t have the same protection as previously. Oestrogen affects several metabolic processes and as hormone levels change other new symptoms may occur. Hormones travel in a fluid system, and Nat Chlor may help along with Mag Phos to assist with hormonal changes. Always look to specific minerals in symptoms and facial signs for an individuated treatment.

Life stresses – Life stresses are another thing which can affect hormonal cycles and changes. Providing the correct minerals can help bring cycle regularity or reduce symptoms after a life stress.

Extreme changes in weight or exercise regime –  A woman’s body needs about 17-22% of fat to maintain normal menstrual function.  In athletes training for long hours at high intensities, there is increased prevalence of infrequent and absent periods.

Fat Cells contribute to nearly 1/3 of estrogen levels in your body. Low body fat may contribute to low estrogen secretion, and menstrual dysfunction. According to Dr Anne Loucks of Ohio University, low-calorie diets and inadequate nutrition affecting energy levels are thought to be the primary cause of menstrual dysfunction, rather than just low body fat. Consequently, extreme dieting or uneducated dieting or eating habits could affect menstrual cycles.

Of course, being able to treat with Tissue Salts at these key times in women’s lives can really support not only their current health but future health. It may even reduce the chance of Osteoporosis and other health issues often related to menopausal changes.

Female Treatments

Osteoporosis and the Female cycle

Osteoporosis affects the bone causing it to be brittle and more prone to breaking. It is more common in females than males. It often occurs after the protection of estrogen has gone when a woman goes through menopause. Calcium is an important acid neutraliser and may be required more once the menstrual cycle has finished.

Calc Phos and Calc Fluor are essential for the treatment of osteoporosis and are also important for bone tissues, but also for rebuilding in the body. Mag Phos and calc phos are important minerals for hormone regulation and production.

The following Schuessler-Salts are essential when treating Osteoporosis. They all occur naturally in the bone tissue:

  • 1 Calcium fluoride 12X
  • 2 Calcium Phosphate 6X
  • 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X
  • 11 Silica 12X

Prescription: Take 2 tablets of each mineral during the day for at least six months.

Here is a story from the German Association of Biochemistry

Practical experience: A 76-year-old patient suffered from severe pain in the vertebral body and pelvis; causing restricted movement. The following Schuessler Salts were prescribed:

  • 1 Calcium fluoride 12X,
  • Calcium Phosphate 6X,
  • 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X and
  • 11 Silica, 12X – 2 tablets of each mineral per day.

After eleven weeks, the pain had significantly reduced and there was a clear improvement in mobility.

Period Pain

When there is a deficiency of Mag Phos in the walls of the uterus the smooth muscle fibres draw up, contract and reduce the size of the cavity. Some women may find the cramps quite debilitating. They may also experience headache, nausea or poor digestion.  Magnesium Phosphate relieves these cramping pains almost immediately.

Hot Seven

A few days before and after the period, take

Mag Phos morning and night

When pains are with a marked redness to the face and increased heart rate

Ferr Phos

Sometimes the body has used Calcium Phosphate as a substitute to try to supply the mag phos deficiency. In this case, giving Mag phos may not get the results you expect. If mag phos doesn’t act promptly, give Calcium Phosphate to overcome the deficiency.

Glands and hormones

Magnesium helps regulate glandular activity. When you look at where Mag Phos is found, you find it in thyroid and other places of hormone production. When there are reproductive system issues due to hormone imbalances then Mag Phos is well indicated.

You may be able to avert the need for thyroid medication in the case of clients whose thyroid levels are suggesting they may need thyroxin treatment. Before stating Thyroxin treatment, a 3-month trial treatment:

  • Calc Phos (2 tablets before meals) and
  • Mag Phos (5 tablets before bed)
  • Nat Chlor (2 tablets after meals on its own)
  • This treatment will often avert the need for conventional treatment within 3 months in more than 80% of cases. This is great news for clients as Thyroxin is a drug prescription for life.

Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are hollow growths in the ovaries that are filled with fluid or tissues. There are several different types, but that doesn’t affect the Tissue Salt treatment.

Kali Chlor – cysts can often be collection capsules of tissues that the body has collected but hasn’t worked out how to remove.

Mag Phos – with pain in the ovaries

Nat Chlor –function of the ovaries is disturbed. There may be weakness along with hormonal disruption. This can include problems menstruating and excessive hair growth.


Fibroids are benign growths in uterine muscle. If they are causing pain, constipation, difficulty urinating, bleeding or fever, medical advice should be sought, in case they need to be removed.

Recent medical research indicates that unresolved psychological conflicts, like the desire to have a child may cause them. Also, look for other stresses, or familial tendency to fibroids when exploring causes.

Tissue salt treatment for 8-12 weeks of 3 tablets each a day of

Calc Fluor,

Calc Phos,

Calc Sulph,

Silica, and

Supplementary mineral Calc carb 6x


Prolapse or displacement of the uterus can happen post birth or as elasticity reduces with reducing hormones in menopause.

Calc Phos – prolapse

Nat Chlor – prolapsed uterus with strong sensation of pressure

Menstrual Acne

Acne, spots, blackheads and pustules usually appear in puberty. They are usually on the face, chest and back. Juvenille acne usually clears up by the age of 25. This age group I find responds well to Calc Sulph. particularly if you have tried the other options below without good effect.

In women, acne may appear before, during or after the period due to the hormonal changes. It usually occurs on the chin or neckline

Silica                When pustules are inflamed

Nat Phos          Small reddish pimples (especially in puberty), but also in women befre and during menstruation. Use a small amount of No 9 Nat Phos Cream

Calc Fluor        Hard acne pustule

Nat Sulph         Reddish coloured swollen patches of inflammation, larger areas of pimple like inflammation, (Dr Diagnosed Rosacea Acne

Nap phos         During menstruation


Many women experience symptoms with the change to menopause due to hormonal changes between the first missed period and final stopping. Oestrogen supports the female body in producing eggs for fertilisation, but also in all other metabolic processes.

  • Hot flushes,
  • sudden sweats,
  • insomnia,
  • palpitations
  • tiredness,
  • general weakness

Some treatments include:

Tiredness, exhaustion, and difficulty sleeping – Kali Phos

Repeated hot flushes – Ferrum Phos repeated every 15-30 minutes

Difficulty falling asleep and palpitations or rapid heartbeat – Mag Phos alternated with Kali Phos

Sudden sweats – Silica, you may also alternate with Ferr Phos

Vaginal Dryness

During menopause, hormone changes may lead to vaginal dryness, and inflamed labia. Symptoms of burning and itching and occasionally painful intercourse can cause discomfort.

Nat Chlor tablets can help and Nat Chlor Cream applied on the outer labia can assist.

Exercise 1 – Testing your offer

Last week you created your offer. Now it is time to test it.

The first place to test it is with existing clients. Offer it to your clients. If your clients want to buy it, you know you are on a winner.

If it contains components that require building, sell it before you build it. This allows you to get paid to build your product, and helps fund it. It also keeps you much more motivated to get the product completed by the date you have promised delivery.

Early take-up clients are great to get feedback about what is great, and what needs improving, before you get too far into the build process. This helps you modify and change creating an even better product.

  1. Create an offer document with payment details
  2. If there are components that you haven’t built yet, provide a Launch date.
  3. Offer a guarantee if you haven’t built it yet. “I haven’t built this yet, but I am taking orders.” Give clients a no risk guarantee. If you don’t get minimum sales, you will give them their money back.
  4. Offer a special introductory price if they will try it out and give you feedback and testimonial.

Once you have a few sales, set a launch date and start building your product.

This process works really well with workshops, with Client programs, physical products before you buy stock.

  • If there are not enough sales, find out what your clients want that would make a real difference to them
  • Modify your offer and test again.

Test out your offer from last week. I look forward to hearing your results.

There are so many ways to test product ideas:

  • Emails if you have a good quality responsive email list
  • Facebook page – especially if you have a responsive Facebook community
  • Your clients
  • Other people’s clients or lists

Next week

Another niche and Getting your message out.


See you soon.


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