E-Class 42 – Children’s Ailments

E-Class 42 – Children’s Ailments

This week

Tissue Salts work beautifully with Children’s Ailments. Children respond quickly to Tissue Salts, and when parents know they can do something to help their kids when they are sick, it really helps them to worry less, and helps them to start the journey of being empowered in their family’s health.

This week we will look at 6 Key areas where Tissue Salts can help.

  • Fevers and immunity
  • Sleep
  • Muscular Skeletal issues
  • Digestion and eating issues
  • skin


  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health

Working with children

When working with kids, you are working with the parents as well. Ultimately it is the parents who need to be involved with changing any habits as well as giving the Tissue Salts.

Tissue Salts can really help Parents to feel empowered in their children’s health, as well as helping the kids feel better.

There are numerous topics you can work with children with. Here are some examples for a start. If you have a particular specialty or interest, then learn as much as you can about that area of children’s health, and use the tissue salts as part of your treatment plan for your clients.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can work with and help treat kids with Tissue Salts. Because, most parents want healthy kids…

Do you want healthy kids?

6 signs that your Children aren’t feeling well or

getting what they really need,

and how you can help.


When your kids don’t feel well…

  1. They are always coming down with something
  2. They don’t sleep properly or sleep too much
  3. They pick at their food, aren’t eating enough, or are always hungry
  4. They have a short attention span
  5. They’re cranky

  6. They have greasy, pimply skin, or unhealthy colours to the skin

Here’s the simple answer –You can tackle these 6 problems, and many others easily, quickly and affordably. The answer lies in Biochemic Minerals (commonly called Tissue Salts) that are easy to take and produce results.

  • Your children look and feel better than ever.
  • Stressed out mums and dads can even benefit for a healthier, happier family.

You know that you can’t wait to have your family feeling better and happier.

Tissue Salts as an important first line of defense for children

Fever and Inflammation

About Fever

Childhood diseases often start with a fever, and can pass more easily, and with less pain or complication with the correct minerals, or remedy.

Tissue Salts provide the body with the minerals it needs, in the dose it needs at the correct time, to support the biochemic functions within the body, assisting the body’s ability to recover. Given early, they will often prevent the process deteriorating to later stages of infection or inflammation and lead to quick recovery.

As a parent you want to do the best for your child. Marketing is very effective at telling us that we need to get rid of a fever with a Panadol or similar. A fever is the body doing its job to fight off a bug, infection, inflammation, virus, or bacteria, through raising the body temperature to a point which will kill the offending infection.  Fever is not something to be scared of, but treated with respect.

Paracetamol brings down a fever, suppressing the body’s natural healthy response. A lot of childhood infections need a fever to burn off the infection, so that the body can regain its healthy function.  Generally, Fever is only an issue if it is at a high level for a prolonged period of time. Consequently, we want to support the body to have what it needs for the fever to pass quickly.

I have seen many instances where my children have gone to bed either with a fever, or woken in the night with a fever, and, with the appropriate Biochemic Mineral or Tissue Salt given, they are better by morning. The remedy is not suppressing the fever, but supporting the body with what it needs so the fever can pass quickly.

Key fever Remedies

As fever is often part of the inflammation and infection process, the key remedies for fever will often be used along with other inflammation remedies. As you will see below, Fever is often the first stage, and well treated with Ferrum Phos. High fevers are best treated with Kali Phos to help remove the decaying matter from the body that has been killed off by the fever. Speedy removal of these dead toxins also aids recovery.

About Inflammation and infections

The typical characteristics of inflammation are: redness, warmth, swelling and pain in the affected area as the body tries to treat the problem and activates its defenses some examples are:

  • Fever
  • Coughs, colds and more
  • Inflammation often correlates to any of the disease processes ending in –‘itis’ e.g. : Tonsillitis, bronchitis, gastritis, otitis (middle ear infection), arthritis, meningitis, etc.

There are Three Stages of Inflammation.

First stage – the body recognizes the problem so starts attacking it and killing it

Second Stage –  the body collects up the dead matter, or ‘milieu’ and takes it for processing. Symptoms become less generalised and easier to recognise.

Third Stage –  the body eliminates the rubbish.

The Remedies for Fever Inflammation and Infection

Ferrum Phos –First stage of inflammation.

At the first sign of a cough, cold or other infectious process, the body will raise its temperature to try to fight the invading pathogen. The body starts sending out its defense force to fight off the infection.

How it works. If the body doesn’t have enough of the mineral Ferrum Phos to fight the infection, it’s like going in to battle with a handful of foot soldiers, with promise of more to come, instead of the army. The body runs out of resources, and the inflammatory process lingers and takes over as there aren’t enough soldiers to fight it.

What it looks like

Often the face is red, with rosy cheeks that are warm to touch, as the body starts to fight the infection. The eyes might be bloodshot. The fever may start as a lower fever and get up to about 38.5 deg C. On the positive side, it can be a ruddy faced healthy looking child. Who is overexcited after school and having difficulty calming down.

Examples: fever, earache, cold, tonsillitis

Kali Chlor –Second stage of Inflammation –

Once the body has started the immune response, it needs somewhere to get rid of the rubbish, so it starts to gather it together. I was reading on a children’s forum, “What is wrong with my child, there are these purplish circles around her eyes. …my doctor says its normal…” There were lots of people guessing, but no one knew that it was Kali Chlor deficiency. For me, I see those bluish purplish colours around the eyes and I start asking why do they need Kali Chlor, is there an inflammatory process somewhere that is trying to clear out some rubbish?

What it looks like – the face is pale often with a bluish hue to the skin, there are often bluish purplish colourings around the eyes.

Kali Sulph -Third stage  of inflammation

How it works– excreting the inflammatory material – this is often the yellow exudation stage, as the toxins that have been gathered are excreted from the body.

What it looks like – In the photo middle photo above there are crusting yellowish excretions coming out of the nose, sometimes you may see a yellowish triangle around the nose and mouth (Within the area of the lines) or a yellowish colour over the face.

Kali Phos – High fever – fever over 38.5 deg Cel

How it works – when there is a high fever, the body gets exhausted if there isn’t a supply of Kali Phos. Kali Phos also acts as an antiseptic. It processes the toxins of fever, so that you can recover faster. If the body doesn’t have enough of this mineral the toxins in the body can prolong the fever.

  • What it looks like – lethargic, tired, mentally and emotionally and physically exhausted. Babies or children could be floppy or wanting to lie down, without much energy.
  • It’s the type of fever that leaves you wanting to lie on the bed or couch because there is nothing else you can do.
  • May have a greyish colour to the face.

Other Uses: This can be a great help for kids doing exams, to reduce the stress of exams as well as “brain food” to help remember and recall information.

Examples: New parents, mums and dads may need this, particularly if they are getting broken sleep, or their children aren’t sleeping well.

Mag Phos

Coughs – Coughs may have two aspects:

  1. The inflammation process: follow the treatment for Infection and inflammation on page 8.
  2. Coughs are often a form of spasm, and as such can be helped by Mag Phos No7.

How it works – Mag Phos supplies the muscles and nerves with the minerals they need to relieve cramps and aches. It is needed for all of the energy producing processes in the cells.

 Other uses – Colic, growing pains in conjunction with Calc Phos, muscular tension and cramping.

Acute Fever Treatment

Alternate Ferrum Phos and Kali Chlor every half hour. For example

1 x No 3 Ferrum Phos every hour on the hour,  eg at 2, 3, 4 o’clock

1 x No 4 Kali Chlor every hour on the half hour, eg at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30

When the colour of discharge changes to Yellowish, change the treatment to include Kali Sulph, for example, depending on the severity, you may alternate these remedies hourly at each mealtime and before bed

1 x No 6 Kali Chlor alternating with

1 x No 4 Kali Chlor 


If children have lots of coughs and colds, earaches, and catarrh for example, that their body has difficulty fighting, their immune systems get compromised.

  • Repeated doses of antibiotics reduce the bodies good gut flora. A large part of the immune system is based in the gut; hence reduced gut flora may affect the body’s ability to fight ongoing infections.
  • Repeated doses of antibiotics also increase the body’s resistance to antibiotics, and may make it more difficult for the antibiotics to work when needed later. Therefore, less doctors are prescribing antibiotics unless they are sure it is a bacterial infection rather than a virus. This can leave some parents concerned that they can’t do anything to help their child.
  • Antibiotics won’t help with viral infections, but interestingly, Tissue Salts don’t have the same problem. Instead of fighting the infection Tissue Salts work from a different angle, giving the body the nutrition it needs to fight the infection in order to return to health.

With Biochemic Remedies, we aren’t treating the bacteria or virus; we are providing the minerals the body needs to perform its Biochemical functions. Whether the infection is bacterial or viral, the body may need Ferrum Phos to help provide the nutrition that the body needs to fight the infection. Shortly afterwards, the body will often also need Kali Chlor to move the dead cells and debris of the infection through the lymphatic system as the fever kills off the offending pathogen. Sometimes giving Ferrum Phos and Kali Chlor is enough to complete the treatment. Other times Kali Sulph is needed to complete the process and excrete the debris from the body.

So often I have worked with children with lowered immunity, and given Ferrum Phos and Kali Chlor every day for 3 months to a year. Parents often report that This is the first winter my child has been well all winter for years”, or “Other kids were getting sick at day-care, and my child wasn’t for the first time in….”.

Daily immunity boost

1 Ferrum Phos, and 1 Kali Chlor taken each morning.

Biochemic Salts Immune program 3+7+6

Increase your body’s power of resistance to attacks of virus and bacteria, or recurring colds, for example.

Ferrum Phos – for all kinds of infection in their initial stage

Mag Phos – for treatment of muscle pains and muscle tensions – and to calm the nervous system

Kali Sulph – for enhancing the healing process of chronic inflammations of the mucous membranes.

In the morning 2 tablets no 3 Ferrum Phos

At noon 2 tablets no 7 Mag Phos

In the evening 2 tablets no 6 Kali Sulph 


Leaning how to sleep well, starts from a baby.  If the baby’s nervous system won’t relax, then they will have trouble sleeping, or may jerk or jump in the night. Their digestive system is not fully developed for at least 3 months, and can also affect their sleep. If they don’t learnt to self-settle, then poor sleeping habits can start to develop.

Some kids develop good sleeping habits early, and others don’t.

Sleep is a good indicator of how a person’s nervous system is able to wind down and recharge, and sleeping difficulties or behaviours during sleep can give a good indication of what minerals may be deficient.

In adults and children, how long a symptom has occurred, gives us an indication of how long the deficiency has been occurring.

There can be a number of reasons why sleep is affected.

In children, the nervous system is still developing. There is so much that is being learnt every day, developing new neural pathways, right through to puberty, when the body starts pruning back the nerve pathways that it isn’t using as often.

The two primary minerals for the nervous system are Kali Phos and Mag Phos. Calc Phos is needed to assist relaxation.

Sleep problems of children

Mag Phos

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, too excited to sleep, overtired. Tics or startles in the night.

Calc Phos

Helps the body to relax, particularly helpful through growing spurts, teething and other times when bones are growing, or are not growing.

Calc Phos is often more suitable to help sleep in children than Kali Phos, because children are using Calcium Phosphate for all aspects of growth, and may be deficient.

Kali Phos

Often more appropriate for adults, or if the child is going through particularly stressful situations like bullying or other emotional incidents.


Children who are all over the bed, you put them to bed and they don’t stay in that place, the doona ends up on the floor, or they end up completely turned around in the bed. 

Muscular / Skeletal Issues

Main remedies

Mag Phos, Calc Phos, Silica, Calc Fluor


When baby’s teeth are erupting, other signs and symptoms may start to appear before hand and through the process. There may be fever, pain, restlessness, loss of appetite, one red cheek, different coloured bowel movement. With my children, I noticed they would often get head cold symptoms with the eruption of the upper teeth, and gut symptoms, with the lower teeth erupting.

In older children, it’s a bit more exciting, to lose a tooth, but they may also experience some symptoms as new teeth erupt.

Calc Phos – helps teeth to come through and eases the symptoms. In babies, make a paste with 1 tablet dissolved in water and put it on babies dummy or rub on the gums. Apply 3-6 times daily. Older children given as 2 tablets before meals will support new teeth coming through. It may also be used when teeth are taking longer than expected to erupt.

Mag Phos – cramps during teething, or to ease with pain during teeth erupting.

Healthy Bones and Teeth

Sometimes teeth can be a helpful indicator of what is needed by the body.

Calc Fluor – tooth enamel is opaque just below the cutting surface of the teeth.  Given during the growing years it can help protect the tooth enamel from caries.

Calc Phos – Tooth decay, may be another indicator that the child needs Calc Phos. Also look to diet, family history and other factors to find out why.

Growing Pains and postural disorders

Calcium is needed for growing bones.

Sometimes a lack of this mineral will show in the form of growing pains in a child.

Calc Phos – helps build the bone, so may help with growing pains, or delayed growth.

Mag Phos – muscular aches and pains

  • Use 5 tablets of No 3 Ferr Phos and 5 of No 7 Mag Phos in a water bottle for sporting events. Helps with recovery, stops cramps, and reduces likelihood of injury.

Silica – children who are underdeveloped, or growing slowly for their age may benefit from Silica.

  • Often seen as the frog belly in children.
  • Children who have fixed ideas about something.
  • Headaches from occiput moving towards the eyes.


Eating habits

Parents often despair about what their children eat (or don’t eat). “They won’t eat their vegetables, they want junk food, they will only eat cakes….” Often Children have picky eating habits, parents complain that they pick at their food, that they don’t eat their vegies, or that they want junk food or bread and cakes.

Often this can be a sign that they need minerals. Provide the right minerals, and often they start eating and trying foods that previously they didn’t. If they are craving healthy foods, a particular fruit or vegetable, even better because you will often find that food contains the minerals their body needs. If the craving however is for a particular taste of food – for example sweet or salty or chocolate, or junk food, that also may tell us what they need. We don’t particularly want to encourage them eating junk food in these flavours, but we can start by providing the minerals in such a way that they get to the cells, and provide the body with what it needs. Interestingly, cravings often reduce when you give Tissue Salts, and children may even start experimenting with new foods.

“Thank you, Mouthfuls,”

Children’s taste buds do take some time to mature. It may take 10-20 tastes of a new food for them to start to ‘appreciate’ the taste of that food. So, we use “Thank You Mouthfuls”.

When introducing a new food or taste or a food to children, we suggest they take “Thank You Mouthfuls”. These are 2 or 3 mouthfuls to taste the food. They are a way of saying to the cook, “Thank you for making the food”. They allow the child to start to get familiar with the taste. After the agreed number of mouthfuls, they may continue eating or let us know that “the taste doesn’t agree with me,” as my youngest says, and leave the rest on their plate. We also start with smaller platefuls. If they are still hungry, they can have for 2nds and 3rd helpings of foods that they like.

Calc Phos

How it works – In terms of minerals, children who are growing at an incredibly fast rate are using minerals in the process. However, if they aren’t growing, that tells us that they probably don’t have access to those minerals in the right proportions in their body, which is affecting their growth. In both cases, there is a high demand in the body for Calcium Phosphate to help with growing bones and more. Children may have an increase in appetite, or there may be a pickiness of appetite. Often children who have not grown much in the last year or more, have a growth spurt once they start taking the appropriate remedies. Children going through growth spurts may have less pains.

What it looks like – Calc Phos children often have pale creamy coloured skin, like this girl.

Other uses –  Growing pains can often be helped with Calc Phos. The pains are often as a result of not enough calcium being available for the rapidly growing bones.

Nat Chlor

How it works – Nat Chlor helps balance out the fluids in and out of the cells. It is also responsible for the protective mucous linings of the body. It can help to balance digestive acids in the stomach.

What it looks like –  Puffiness of the face or affected parts, possible appearance of a shiny damp shine that won’t rub off.


Cuts and Grazes

Tissue salts can be used in a number of ways with cuts, grazes, and wounds.

  • Wash the wound with 2-3 tablets of No 3 Ferrum Phos dissolved in water.
  • Crush the tablets and sprinkle on the wound – Ferrum Phos to stop the bleeding.
  • You can use creams up to the edge of a wound – Kali Chlor for wounds with white coloured secretions, Kali Sulph for yellow secretions, Nat Chlor for swelling to take the fluid out.
  • Take tablets internally to supply the body with what it needs.

While bushwalking on holidays recently, one of my daughters fell and grazed her knee badly on some jagged rocks. I happened to have some Ferrum Phos tablets with me, a water bottle, and a Band-Aid. I put some Ferrum Phos in the water bottle to dissolve and used it to wash the wound, I gave her a drink of it as well. I got a Ferrum Phos tablet and crushed it between the Band-Aid and the Band-Aid wrapper, with a light hit of a rock on the Band-Aid wrapper. Then put the powdered Band-Aid on her grazed knee. As the Ferrum Phos acted she was in less pain, the bleeding stopped, and she started moving more freely.

Bites – Mosquito and others

For bites, use Nat Chlor (No. 8) cream, or dissolve some Nat Chlor tablets in a Tsp of warm water or saliva, and rub the paste on the affected part.

How it works – the Nat Mur (No. 8) balances out the fluids from the poison injected by the insect and helps the area to heal faster.

What it looks like – red swollen bite marks. Some children barely react to mosquito bites whereas others come up in large welts.

Nat Sulph cream will draw out any toxins


Burns require care and caution, because some burns can be deeper than they appear, and be a second or 3rd degree burn depending on the size or depth of the burn. Hence with burns, do seek medical advice, and use the suggestions below as a first aid treatment.

Sunburn is a type of burn that can benefit greatly from this first aid treatment. Once again, precaution is better than cure, so do take adequate protection against the sun, particularly as the weather starts to warm up, and your child starts to expose more of their body to the sun.

Dissolve 2 Nat Chlor (No 8) tablets in water and bathe the burn with the water.

Larger burns dissolve 10-20 No 8 tablets in a temperate bath and bathe in it for 10 minutes to help ease the sensations. When ready dry the body by patting gently with a towel. Remember, if in any doubt, do get medical advice for larger burns.

How it works – I recently used this with my son, when he leant against a hot metal bed lamp and burnt his shoulder. The mixture soothed the area, kept it hydrated, by keeping the fluids moving in the tissues, and hence relieved the pain. Then I used a face washer dipped in the solution as a compress for 10 minutes until he went to sleep. He was able to go to sleep easily, and even though the top of the blister had come off when he did it, he wasn’t bothered by clothes rubbing against it. It healed quickly and well.

What it looks like – redness and swelling, of sunburn or a contact burn. Contact burns that come up into blisters, or blisters that burst quickly.


Rub with Kali Chlor cream and cover with a plaster if required. Helps the body’s immune system to move the virus out of the body.

If they are hard use Calc Fluor cream.

How it works – Kali Mur No. 4, helps the body to remove the virus causing the warts, and expel it in the easiest way.

Calc Fluor – softens the hard wart tissue, making it more elastic, helps with any fungal infection and helps the body to remove or expel it in the easiest manner. In one child the hard part softened and extruded from the skin, but then fell off painlessly.

I have used these very successfully with painful plantar warts with my children. Within a few weeks the wart had flowered out and softened, then ejected from the skin. In the meantime, they were less painful to walk on.

What it looks like – before and after In the time between these photos, the wart core flowered out before large parts of it then dropped off and left the skin fairly clean. In other cases the roots have disappeared.

And there’s more

There are many more children’s ailments that can be helped with tissue salts. There is no way we can cover them all here. These are just some ways you can help your children. Other ailments may take more practiced and skilled practitioners. The content in here can be used in conjunction with information from your practitioner who is trained facial diagnostics and in discovering what minerals you need and why.


Exercise 1 – Getting your message out

So how did you go testing your offer?

What did you clients think of it? Did you need to adjust your offer to get it to be really attractive, or were your clients hungry for your offer.

So now it’s time to get it out to a bigger audience. Hopefully you have an email list of your clients.

Did you know that your business is up to 4 times more if you have an active list who you are in regular contact with by email? It can be the difference between closing the doors and having nothing to show for it, or having an exit plan where you can gain some financial return for your business if, and when you close it down. The key thing is an active list.

So, assuming you don’t have a list, where do you start? Sorry if you already have an email list. Hopefully you will still find this useful to fine tune your emails.

Setting up your email list

  1. Collect all your clients email addresses. This is very easy, especially if you use any booking software, as the booking software collects the email addresses and uses them for appointment reminders. You may use your accounting system to collect emails to so you can email your client’s invoices. Use these client lists to start creating your email list. Start emailing your list, and giving them great content, as well as letting them know your special offers. Make sure you send out an initial email from your ordinary email address that lets them know you are changing your way of contacting them, and what you are going to use their email address for. To comply with anti-spam laws, you must also give them a chance to opt out of receiving emails.
  1. Set up emails in an automated email system. Mailchimp or AWeber are free or cheap options when you are starting out. Many practitioners just have their email contacts in their google or Microsoft Outlook account. But you are very limited on how you can send emails using this system. You can’t send personalised emails unless you copy and paste and readdress every email. Bulk emails sent this way often bounce. So, it is wise to use one of the automated systems. There is also a lot more you can do with emails then, including creating a follow up series of emails to your clients.
  1. Send your first email about your offer. Create a series of follow up emails to let them know more about your product.
  1. Send follow up emails. This is where having AWeber or the paid version of Mailchimp come into their own. You can create a series of emails to tell people about the benefits of your offer. You can write them then AWeber (for example) will automatically send them out in order in the given number of days after the previous email. You just set up the time frame and how many emails are sent. This is a great way to educate your clients about your products and services, and help them to see the benefits of your treatment or your products.

The difference between broadcast emails and follow up sequence emails

Broadcast emails are the emails you send out to your database about an upcoming event or program. They are time sensitive, so are relevant to now or a time in the near future. If they were included in a follow up sequence, the timing would not make sense. For example you don’t want to send a Christmas email in May)

Follow up emails are a series of emails that make sense if they are sent in a particular order. They build a relationship with your clients, especially if they include quality free content that is relevant to your list. Then when you offer a program or product, your list is more likely to open their wallet and spend with you. It takes about 8-20 times for someone to hear a message before they buy, so expecting one email to make you lots of sales is, quite frankly, silly. Follow up emails help your clients to see the benefits of your product, and some will choose to buy based on the fit of your product to their wants or needs.

Exercise 1 Set up your emails for your offer

  1. Write your email. Here is an outline of the type of thing you might write in an email. Each email program has its own way of setting up the email so that you can send a personalised message. For example AWeber is{!firstname_fix}.


Subject line: How this cool and catchy subject line will catch your attention

Hi {!firstname_fix},

How this issue is a problem for your client – discuss what it’s like to have this health issue or problem.   (This shows that you can relate to their problems.)

What it would be like for them to have a solution. I understand what it’s like to …. so, I have created the … Program to help you with this very problem.

Benefits of the solution (– dot points are fine for this.)

What is included in the solution or program, and how it is going to benefit them.

How they can get the solution (payment page, contact number, website page)

More benefits or reminder about the next email with free content to help them with the next step of the problem.

Remember to include the links, your email address, and phone number if necessary.

Kind regards,


Your clinic details,



Email contact



  1. Send your emails, and check your responses
  2. Vary your offer based on the type of responses you get.
  3. Write your email sequence. (I find it useful to write a few weeks’ emails at once, then have them ready to go. If I have something particularly important and time critical, I send a broadcast email to my list)

Special note –

Emails work really well when you have been providing your email list with great content over a period of time. Your list will get annoyed if the only time they hear from you is when you have something to sell. However, if you can share some useful information with them every week or two, interspersed with an offer for a program or class, they are more likely 1. To open your email, 2. To buy your product.

Have fun, I look forward to hearing how you go.

Next week

Another niche and Getting your message out.


See you soon.


Kind regards