E-Class 44 – Muscles and Joint Ventures

E-Class 44 – Muscles and Joint Ventures

This week

As part of developing a niche, you can also choose an ailment or area of the body to specialise in. This week I look at treating muscular skeletal issues. How can Tissue Salts help with joints, muscles and movement. Then we will look at ways to develop a specific niche and approach specific groups or create “joint ventures” to build your practice.

  • Body workers friend
  • Muscles and joints
  • Joint Ventures


  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health
  • Way to good Health Magazine

Tissue Salts – a body workers friend

As a bodyworker, I love how Tissue Salts really give a helping hand in treating muscular skeletal issues. I also love how facial diagnosis helps to determine what minerals are deficient, and can help clarify the treatment.

If you specialise in movement – whether as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath, bodyworker of any kind, you will know that some clients are more heavily invested in getting well than other clients if they have and muscle or joint injury. What is it that is different about these people?

Take a look at youre client base and see?

Are they

  • Sportspeople or love to participate in a particular sport
  • Elite sportspeople
  • People who work in a profession where it is important for them to have a high level of fitness.
  • Desk workers
  • Manual workers

Your clients who have a reason to be fit and healthy, whether it’s from sport or work, are going to be more committed to treating injuries, or staying fit and healthy than other people who are not as dependent on their body to be fit and healthy.

  • This highly motivated group of people are often willing to do what it takes to stay healthy, rather than just come to you when there is a problem.
  • They are more likely to want to act preventatively and proactively
  • They are less likely to wait for an injury to worsen, and will actively search out ways to treat injury quickly and effectively.

This is a great group of people to work with because they are outcome focused, and their health is important to them.  They will appreciate any ways that you can add value to them, and their performance.

Those of you who have used the Mag Phos and Ferr Phos sports drink with your sport or athlete clients will know that these clients can really see the value of using the Tissue Salts in this way.

If you can work with a team, or a sporting group, or fitness group using the tissue salts you can develop a great client base, and can focus your emails and information to these people, and they are likely to be highly responsive.

If you are working with desk workers or people who have joint and muscle issues due to a more sedentary lifestyle, then you are going to be taking a very different type of approach to help them. They may not be as motivated to get results, yet need more education (and motivation) about how to maintain healthy muscles and joints.

So, let’s look at some treatments for muscles and joints.

Muscles and energy

By now I expect you have been using this with your sports people to good effect.

Sports drink

Mag phos and Ferr phos – 10 tablets in a 1 litre water bottle is a great boost for sporting events, high energy fitness classes, weekend games or training sessions.

  • Helps with energy during the game or exercise routine
  • Helps with oxygenation of the blood during sustained exercise, meaning you have more energy and concentration for those “game-making” or “game-breaking” moments.
  • Assists with recovery after exercise
  • Reduces the incidence of cramping and spasm during sport or exercise

Recovery Bath – Muscle pain after intensive exercise

Have you ever exercised and feel great then later in the afternoon, get an energy lag or muscle pain?

Kali Sulph is the other remedy along with Ferrum Phos required for oxygenation of the blood.

It helps ease muscular aches and pains after intense physical exercise, sport or physical labour.

Run a warm bath and add 25 tablets of Kali Phos. Let them dissolve in the bath water. Soak in the bath and let the muscular aches dissolve away.

  • Reduces any inflammation after strenuous exercise
  • Helps with oxygen transportation
  • Relieves pain in overused or over worked muscles
  • Assists with recovery after strenuous physical work or exercise
  • Good for chronic muscle pain that gets worse in the afternoon (muscles are tiring after being used throughout the day)

Strains and Sprains, Tendon and Ligament disorders

Tendons and ligaments act as guy ropes, stabilising and holding together the bones, joints and organs of the body.

Strains and sprains occur in injuries where the tendons and ligaments have stretched beyond their normal range of movement.

If this occurs under pressure of running for example, and your foot rolls into a ditch, the force on the ligaments is much greater than normal for the movement. This may lead to inflammation and swelling along with the strain and overstretching of the ligament or tendon.

If your tendons and ligaments don’t have enough elasticity to return to the holding and supporting position for the joint, then repeated strains and sprains occur, indicating a need for Calc Fluor.

For Strains sprains and overstretched muscles, ligaments or tendons

Calc Fluor cream rubbed on the affected area often helps the overstretched tissue return to its natural elasticity.

  • Used over time it increases the elasticity of the tissues,
  • Use for 6-12 months on weak joints to help prevent further injuries
  • Alternate with Silica cream to stabilise the joint capsule.

Accidents and injuries with inflammation

Torn ligaments and injuries from repeated strain will often have inflammation and swelling associated with the injury.

 Ferrum Phos – The first remedy for injury or inflammation due to strain.

  • Assists with inflammation from the injury
  • Take as soon as possible after the injury to help start the healing process

Kali Chlor – If the healing process is slow

  • Helps with second stage of inflammation
  • Use both Ferrum Phos and Kali Chlor cream to assist with inflammation
  • If you don’t have the cream use a medicated compress.

Medicated compress using tablets [i]

  • Dissolve 5-10 tablets in a small bowl of boiled water
  • Fold a linen cloth into a pad. Then soak it in the water.
  • Wring it out til it stops dripping (test the temperature)
  • Lay the wet cloth on the injured area. Secure it with a dry cotton cloth. Keep the compress in place until its warmth decreases to body temperature.
  • If you wish to use a wrapping around a joint, wrap the affected joint with the soaked linen cloth. Cover with a cotton cloth and secure both pieces with a third woollen cloth. Keep the compress in place til it reaches body temperature.

Medicated compress using creams

  • Soak the linen cloth being used as a pad or wrapping in hot water.
  • Place the warm damp cloth on the affected area for a few minutes to open up the pores and increase absorption
  • Remove the damp cloth and massage the ointment into the skin
  • Place a dry cloth over the area and secure it.

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries or repetitive strain injuries occur after repeated heavy or unusual straining.

Tennis elbow, for example is caused by the repeated strain triggering an inflammation of the lower arm. RSI caused from the repeated strain of using a keyboard or mouse.  Strain injuries of an office worker chopping and collecting large pieces of firewood – an unusual activity causing inflammation and overuse of muscles that are not normally being used.

In each of these cases it is important to consider the inflammation from the activity. But also, consider what else may be causing the issue. For example, some tennis coaching could help with the way you hold the tennis racquet, leading to less chance of inflammation. Ergonomic assessment of the workplace can assist with poor posture, and desk arrangement habits reducing the likely hood of strain from typing. Building up slowly to unusual forms of exercise like wood chopping for the office worker, are all important considerations for addressing the cause of the problem.

Tennis Elbow Program[ii]

Apply medicated wraps overnight following this schedule

  • For 1 week – No3 Ferrum Phos cream
  • For 4 weeks – No 4 Kali Chlor cream
  • For 4 weeks – No 11 Silica cream

Stop using the medicated wraps after sustained improvement

Broken bones, or history of broken bones

Broken bones – Calc Phos repairs the bone helping it fuse together, Calc Fluor returns the elasticity to the tissue, and helps with the formation of the callus, and repairs the periosteum, and Silica is also required to repair the fracture and regain stability.

Example of prescription –

2 x Calc Fluor at breakfast

2 x Calc Phos at Lunch and Dinner

2 x Silica after each meal.

  • Biochemistry promotes bone growth by supplying the necessary minerals to the area
  • This often causes the pain to reduce.

Bones that break easily

  • Soft bones (osteomalacia) is often seen by bones that break easily, bone ache, misshapen bones like bowed legs, or an altered gait, or unusual walking movements.
  • Bone loss – Osteoporosis – with pain in the muscles, tendons and joints, pain following fracture, curvature of the spine.

2 of each tablet, twice daily

2 x Calc Fluor

2 x Calc Phos

2 x Silica

Osteoporosis is primarily depletion of Calcium Phosphate, caused by hyperacidity: and less a matter of hormonal dysfunction than is commonly supposed by modern medicine. Look for the causes and if there are any other dietary or other factors that can help to reduce symptoms.

Inflammation of the bone lining

The bone lining is called the periosteum. When it is inflamed, it is called periostitis. It feels like pain on the skin directly over the bone, and mainly occurs in bone near the skin, like the shin, or in shin splints. It can be caused by falls, friction or blows to the area.

Silica for Inflammation of the periosteum

Silica 12x

Growing pains

In children, growth spurts can happen quickly placing additional strain on the need for calcium phosphate. This may lead to growing pains in arms and legs.

Rub calc phos cream on the affected areas twice daily to support bone formation.

Joint ailments

Arthrosis –

Arthrosis[iii] is a non-inflammatory ailment of the joint. The substance of the joint is altered so that the joint degenerates. This can result in deformity of the joint. Joints most affected are  fingers, hands, shoulders, knees and spine.

Symptoms can be pain, stiffness in the morning, swollen joints.

Causes are usually the effects of aging, however excessive sport activity in youth, wear and tear from physical strain, injuries and accidents.

Another cause is a monotonous diet which can result in intestinal fungus.


Arthritis is an inflammatory ailment of the joints.

Symptoms can be

  • soft swelling of the surrounding tissues
  • pain in the joint either spontaneous, or during rest
  • redness of the joint,
  • occasionally fever

Heepen says sustained therapeutic benefits can be expected only with early treatment, at the onset of symptoms, or within a few weeks afterwards.

Arthritis sufferers will often have a history of inflammation. One of the key things in general practice is to treat inflammation wherever it occurs as quickly as possible.

Key remedies in Joint ailments

Building up joint cartilage – Silica

  • the main remedy for building up joint cartilage.
  • Use for the complete duration of medical treatment.
  • It is wise to continue for weeks or months after to help stabilise the joint.

Pain worse from movement

  • Use Ferr phos initially,
  • Follow with Kali Chlor after 1 week
  • In diagnosed arthrosis – use silica as a basic remedy

Kali Phos – Crippling pain

  • Especially when rising from sitting
  • Eases with light exercise
  • Worse from heavy exertion
  • Kali Phos

Calc Phos – Pain with numbness, coldness or tingling

Mag Phos – Sudden shooting pains in the joint

  • Pains may change location quickly

Kali Sulph – Pains worse form heat

  • Pain worse in the evening
  • Symptoms improve with cold

Gout – pain triggered by uric acid deposits

  • Gout pain often starts in the big toe, the joint becomes red, swollen and painful, (even to the slightest touch)
  • 2 x Nat Phos alternating every 2 hours with
  • 2 x Silica

Bursitis – Kali Chlor

  • Tension pain when bending
  • Pressure pain
  • Oedema and swelling of the kneecap (filled with lymph or water)
  • Kali Chlor tablets as well as Kali chlor cream rubbed into the joint

Nat sulph – symptoms worse by damp weather


A swelling or sac like structure which can form on joints and tendons of the wrist or foot. It may be due to chronic irritation from strains.  Old wives tales include bashing it with a bible, but a better choice is Calc Fluor cream.

Swelling and oedema

Swelling and edema often occurs in joints after injury. I have had good success with reducing swelling.

Ferrum Phos – initial swelling with redness immediately after injury

Kali Chlor – swelling from inflammation at second stage of inflammation

Nat Chlor – swelling without redness or inflammation- usually from fluid buildup

Nat Sulph –  to help fluid buildup excrete

Remember to look for the cause

Prevention is always better than cure. Teach your clients what will prevent further injuries, or reduce the chance of symptoms.

  • Postural changes and ergonomic awareness in the case of repetitive strain injuries
  • Diet changes like reducing red meat consumption in the case of Gout or arthritic symptoms
  • Reducing acid forming foods and alcohol in the case of gout
  • Give the minerals needed before and during exercise or heavy physical tasks to help prevent injury.

Tips for Successful Joint Ventures

Last week you were looking at possible joint venture partners.

1.      Make it as easy as possible to get your message to the other business’s clients

Don’t rely on a joint venture business to prepare the information that you want for their customers. Make it easy for them.

Create a kit for them to follow

  • Prepare emails for your joint venture business to send to their clients.
  • Prepare brochures or flyers for their desk or counter or notice board.
  • Give them easy steps to follow in your kit, so they can delegate the task to someone in their organisation, or can easily do the task quickly, then get on with their normal tasks

2.      Provide an incentive for them to get your message out

  • What benefits do they get from the joint venture?
  • Do they get a proportion of proceeds from sales? If so make sure your margins allow for this, or that you have a high chance of getting a follow up sale that will cover the costs.
  • Does your offer meet a need for their clients? If so the benefit may be that they don’t have to create something for their clients now to fill that need.

3.      Set up a way to test and measure your results.

There are lots of ways to test and measure your results. They start from very simple coupon codes or voucher codes that you can manually track, through to fully automated email and landing page funnels. The main principle to follow is having a way to track results. Regardless of whether you use a manual or automated system, the key thing is a code which you can track response rates to your promotion.

Manual systems Coupon codes

In a manual system, this may be a coupon code that someone enters as part of the promotion with your joint venture. The coupon code may give them access to a discount or a “value adding item” like a “How to… “guide, or a “Free Report” or a “Free Assessment”.

Choose your code in a way that makes sense to you to know which joint venture the sale came from, eg the business name, or something that makes sense to you, but is also easy to use for the customer. This gives you a way to measure action taken and where the action has come from, and who are your best joint ventures to work with.

Automated systems

If you are doing Automated systems link up with your email responder or marketing software to track where your sales come from. Examples are Lead pages, and Click Funnels which works with landing pages for websites. Facebook remarketing uses pixels of code on Facebook ads to track responses and lead people to your webpage to take action. These strategies have ongoing costs. Get started using manual methods first if you are a small business. Larger businesses will find these methods beneficial as they look to automate aspects of the business.

Have fun, I look forward to hearing how you go.

Next week

Another niche and Getting your message out.


See you soon.


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  1. Need a bit of motivation, download Each Step PDF here.

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