Eclass 50 – What’s on your Mind?

Eclass 50 – What’s on your Mind?

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Let’s look at how mental and emotional health can be supported with Tissue Salts. Last week we looked at Sleep and how it is a great indicator of the nervous system. By now you will have noticed how a person’s emotional health and wellbeing can be affected by a deficiency of Tissue Salts. It’s important to look for the cause and refer to appropriate professionals if necessary, however supporting the biochemistry will support other treatments.


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What’s on your Mind?

It’s a common saying here, when you see someone deep in thought. But sometimes those thoughts may not just be on your mind, but take over. Worries, concerns, fears, troubles can become all consuming.

Which comes first, stress, mineral deficiency, or mindset?

Life’s stresses influence our physicality, or emotional wellbeing and our biochemistry. Small or moderately sized stresses can be healthy for us to develop greater resilience, resourcefulness, problem solving and creativity.

Problems occur when

  • the emotions, thoughts and feelings from the stress don’t have a healthy outlet, release or expression. Your body has natural mechanisms to deal with stress, from physically discharging the stress through movements to talking and processing events, if these are stopped or suppressed, then it may affect the persons health and emotional wellbeing.
  • there isn’t enough nutrition to cover the additional load of the stress on the body. If the body is given the minerals and mental and emotional resources it needs at the time, then stress can process with little physical or emotional residue.

Counselors, psychologists, and some specialist Bodyworkers are trained to help clients deal with difficult emotions. These stresses cause mineral deficiencies which you can help your clients to support with Tissue Salts. Of course, as always, the cause must also be addressed (with appropriate psychological support as required)

Fears and anxiety

Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias are all forms of fear or anxiety disorders.

Agoraphobia for example is a fear of a crowd of people. Extreme cases see people unable to leave the safety of their homes.

Panic Disorder is defined as fear episodes that can escalate into panic attacks. They are not related to a dangerous or specific situation but occur suddenly and reach a maximum in minutes.[i]Other physical symptoms that may occur are palpitations, breathing difficulties, tremors and perspiration.

These Fears often occur unexpectedly. You are more susceptible when emotionally or physically depleted or exhausted.

These episodes can be caused by

  • current experiences which slightly resemble a past experience linked to high stress. (there may be less than 10% similarity)
  • mineral and other nutritional deficiencies (e.g. Vitamin B1, Vitamin D) Hormonal imbalances (from the pill for example)
  • food allergies and intolerances

Useful remedies for Fear and Anxiety disorders[ii]

No 1 Calc Fluor

  • Anxiety or fear for no reason,
  • fear of coping with everyday routine,
  • fear of financial loss, or anxiety caused from financial loss Calc Fluor


No 2 Calc Phos

  • Fear of the future,
  • of darkness, being alone,
  • fear of illness, No 2 Calc Phos
  • Fear that occurs with changes of weather (notice dogs or small children especially) No 2 Calc Phos

No 5 Kali Phos

  • Agoraphobia, claustrophobia,
  • unspecified fears (fear of death, illness, darkness)
  • Panic like anxiety state
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Fear of financial loss
  • Anxiety with depression

No 6 Kali Sulph

  • Anxious depressive mood
  • Fear to go insane and fail


  • Anxiety and fear that suddenly appears for no reason
  • Fear of illnesses
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of sharp objects
  • Fear combined with physical symptoms.



Constant visits to the doctor may be a sign of fear of illness, a need for attention or conversation, and other things. Lots of visits to different doctors can be a sign of hypochondria. The prime remedy in hypochondria is Kali Chlor. Kali Chlor is also important for the lymph.

Dorothy Hall spoke of the lymphatic rosary sign in the iris (cloud like dots around the edge of the iris pictured)  indicating psychosomatic illness –  the mind making the body sick. It also showed that the lymph needed help to clear out. This correlates with a need for Kali Chlor to help keep the lymph moving.

Dorothy Hall recommended that that these people need exercise, massage, lymphatic drainage, saunas, swimming to move the lymph. A good time for lymphatic exercise is between 4-6pm when the lymph is moving in the body. Other good exercises to move the lymph are swinging on a swing in the park, and rebounding on mini trampolines.


Angry outbursts happen for a multitude of reasons-  situational stresses, emotional,  biological (parasites), chemical  (unbalanced sugar levels, high acidity in the body), and more. Each of these things will often have a corresponding mineral deficiency. Rebalancing the Tissue Salts may be one part of an anger management program, that could include sugar regulation, change of diet to healthy alternatives, reduction of red meat in people with over acidity, a family deworming program.

Remedies to consider are:

No 9 Nat Phos

  • Sudden angry outbursts
  • Anger may be a result of sugar spikes or drops, or over acidity, combined iwht emotional reactivity.

No 5 Kali Phos

  • Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion with short tempers
  • Picking before meals to try to alleviate the hunger monster inside, or stress.


Key remedies – Kali Phos, Mag Phos and Nat Chlor. These three remedies are key to helping your clients come out of depression. Appropriate psychotherapy sessions are well supported by Biochemic treatment, rebuilding resilience and alleviating stress.

Rigid opinions

Nat Chlor

  • Opinionated, and rigid thinking patterns can indicate a deficiency of Nat Chlor


  • There is an old homeopathic saying about silica people: They don’t bend, they break.
  • These people can have fixed ideas and when they aren’t followed may not know how to adapt, instead they “break down”

Take time to explore the psychology of each mineral. There is much to be learnt and discovered as part of the psychological nature of each mineral deficiency. It is interesting how many times, giving the correct minerals can make a significant difference to someone’s mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual wellbeing. Over time, you will see changes. Rigidness may soften, a doormat wife may find her wings and start following her dreams, or leave an unhappy marriage.

Observe, and don’t judge. Sometimes you will be surprised at what changes in your clients, from these simple tablets. These types of changes tend to be slower. The body has its own priority of treatment, and if there are other more urgent physical needs for the Tissue Salts in the body, they will be treated first.

Keep an open mind and be willing to learn from your clients.

Bach Flowers or Australian Bush Flower Essences work well alongside Tissue Salts to support emotional states when chosen to fit the emotional picture of the person.

Exercise 1 Affiliate products

Affiliate programs are information products or other products that other people have written which you can recommend to your clients and gain an affiliate commission.

For example, if you have counselling or psychology skills, you might create a program that includes counselling sessions, Tissue Salts. Then you may find some information product that has steps for dealing with anxiety. You could recommend or prescribe that information product to your clients or add it to a program that you offer your clients.

What types of affiliate products could add value to your clients?

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[i] Way to Good Health Sep/Oct 2013, Dr Schusslers minerals for Anxiety Disorders, Gunther Heepen

[ii] Way to Good Health Sep/Oct 2013, Dr Schusslers minerals for Anxiety Disorders, Gunther Heepen