Eclass 51 – Nutrition Basics

Eclass 51 Nutrition Basics

This week

This week let’s look at some ways that Tissue Salts can work in subniches. Tissue Salts help address mineral deficiencies in so many areas, there are some great ways you can improve your client’s health with specifically targeted health issues. This week we look at some core issues that can affect other treatments, and how when you get the nutrition right, you can get things back on track.


  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health (order here)
  • Way to good Health Magazine (order here)

Nutrition Basics

There are lots of ways you can help your clients with their health and nutrition. And many issues are improved by safely reducing weight, or by reducing inflammation. If you have additional experience or training in diet and nutrition, exercise, weight loss, or immunity and inflammation, there are lots of ways you can add value to your programs or tailor your client programs based on their nutrition.

If you don’t have the expertise, you may know of good programs that are successful that you like to recommend to your clients because you have experienced their success either for yourself or other clients.

People love a personal recommendation.

Here are some more specialised treatment protocols that will help.

Build up resistance to illness with the Immune program

This is Gunther Heepen’s treatment to protect from getting colds in Winter. I am sure you can work out other ways this can be useful to build immunity.

There are two ways to take the treatment using 2-4 tablets of each remedy during the day

Method 1

Week 1 and 2: No 3 Ferrum Phos to

  • regulate Oxygen transport and absorption
  • promote macrophages and phagocyte activity to fight infections

Week 3 and 4: No 7 Mag Phos

  • stimulates the defence system of the body

Week 5 and 6: No 6 Kali Sulph

  • stimulates metabolism and excretion
  • (No 10 Nat Sulph may be taken as well to promote excretion and detoxification)


Method 2

Alternate the 3 remedies morning noon and night for 6 weeks, eg. Ferrum phos in the morning, Mag Phos at lunch and Kali sulph in the evening. (add no 10 Nat sulph for the last 2 weeks at night)

To help your clients on the way to winter wellness, see our 123 Winter Wellness program.


Chronic Illness

Sometimes there seems to be blocks to successful treatment. When other minerals or therapies don’t seem to be having the desired effect, then there is considered to be some block to treatment.

In chronic illness, there has often been a downward spiral away from health, and the sulphate treatment is needed. Often various organs need stimulating to get metabolism working effectively again. Inflammation is often a causative factor.

Sulphate Treatment – “the blockage crushers”

The three sulphate salts Nat Sulph, Kali Sulph and Calc Sulph stimulate the excretory organs of the body – the kidneys, the bowels and the liver, as well as lymph flow. Together they are known in Schuessler biochemistry as the blockage crushers.  The Sulphates also have a slightly anti-inflammatory effect.

For this treatment, the recommended dosage is 5-10 tablets dissolved in hot water, and sipped slowly like a cup of tea and held in the mouth for a few moments

Morning: No 12 Calc Sulph

Before lunch: No 10 Nat Sulph

Before Bed: No 6 Kali Sulph

Before bed use a liver compress – place a steamy cloth below the right rib cage, put a hot water bottle on top and leave for 15 mins.

Sip a cup of dandelion tea (great for detoxing all the excretory organs of the body) while you wait.


Tips for success:

  1. Avoid eating sweets, lollies, cakes during the treatment period
  2. Avoid protein rich meals like meat, sausage and cheeses after 6pm. These foods create acidity and are harder to digest.
  3. Eat more vegetables and salads – these are high in vitamins and minerals, and the basic building blocks of proteins, that are easier to digest.
  4. Drink 1 ½ litres of water per day to aid excretion and removal of toxins
  5. Use the Liver compress before bed.


Obesity – a major problem in First world countries

With the easy availability of convenience food and junk food, and large portion sizes in some countries, obesity is becoming one of the key contributors to chronic illness, joint and muscle pain, inflammation, poor sleep, heart problems and more.

It may be important as part of your treatment of your client to recommend healthy exercise, along with weight loss.

Obesity causes additional health problems

  1. Obesity places additional strain on the internal organs
  • Liver, kidneys and pancreas suffer from
  1. The body must work harder to circulate the blood
  • Blood pressure can be affected
  • Risk of cholesterol can increase
  1. The additional weight places extra burden on the joints, and may cause pain.
  2. Additional weight can place extra burden on the respiration, leading to sleep apnoea or other issues which affect sleep

To treat adiposity or obesity, Gunther Heepen recommends “Hot 7” treatments – 5-10 tablets dissolved in hot water and sipped.[i]

Before breakfast: No 10 Sodium Sulphate

Before lunch: no 6 Potassium Sulphate

Before dinner: no 9 Sodium Phosphate

Treat for 4 weeks and reduce Carbohydrates in the evening.

Tips for Losing weight safely

  1. 3 – 5 meals per day,
  2. Do not starve yourself as this increases fat formation and reduces muscle mass
  3. Hormone check-up – oestrogen excess or not enough progesterone can be the cause of weight problems
  4. Avoid coffee. Drinking coffee stimulates insulin production. This then depletes muscle mass
  5. Include healthy fats in your diet. Reducing fats can cause you to lose muscle mass.
  6. Walk half an hour each day
  7. Avoid alcohol – it stops fat burning
  8. Drink water to help with elimination of toxins
  9. Don’t add sugar to your diet
  10. Don’t eat carbohydrates after 5pm
  11. Before you start with the Obesity treatment, start with the “blockage crushers” Sulphate treatment for 4 weeks then change to the obesity treatment.


Additional education

Not everyone knows what you know about health. It may be important to help your clients with information products to keep them on track. Examples of information products that could help are

  • Healthy eating for specific condition types
  • Online or downloadable exercise apps or programs

You can create these yourself, or ethically use other people’s material that works with your product. If you have used a product that you found beneficial, find out if it has an affiliate link that you can use to offer it to your clients. Last week you had practice setting up an affiliate link for this program.

Exercise 1 – Using other people’s products to provide better service to your clients.

So by now you have

  • Learnt how to use Tissue Salts,
  • Discovered lots of cool ways that you can use Tissue Salts with your clients
  • Worked out your niche
  • Created your offer to your clients
  • Offered it to your clients and are providing a service to them
  • Once you know it worked you can fine tune what you offer, and there will often be the next obvious step that they need.
  • Last week you learnt how to earn extra money by recommending this course to other people.

The next step is what else do your clients want that would support them in their goals?

Start by thinking of what would

Now you have two options

  1. Create your own products to offer to your clients,
  2. Or the easy way, use products that other people have created, where everyone wins.
  • The product owner receives money for the product.
  • You get income from the product for recommending it
  • Your client wins because it is something that is valuable to them for their health or their family’s health.

If you want help building your own products or

If you want help using done for you products that you can slot into your program, email me at

Next week I have had questions about the Supplementary minerals, so more on that next week.




[i] Way to Good Health Sep/Oct 2017 Tried and tested Schuessler Treatments for acute and chronic afflictions