Eclass 52 – Supplementary Minerals

Eclass 52 Supplementary Minerals

This week

So you have heard about these Supplementary Minerals… What are they? And do I need to know those?

This week I will give you a quick overview of the supplementary minerals, and if you are keen to find out more, the Institute has some good books for you to follow up with.


  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Medicine P A26a
  • Gunther Heepen: Schuessler Tissue Salts – 12 Minerals for your Health
  • Way to good Health Magazine
  • Advanced Biochemistry of Dr W. H Schuessler
  • Characteristics of the Face – The Workbook

In Summary

  • Brief History
  • Summary of the Supplementary remedies.

Brief History of the Supplementary Minerals

Shuessler had discovered the key minerals (macro minerals) that the body uses. At the turn of the century, his successors continued his work and added additional minerals to the list of remedies, based on developments in science, research and medicine.

Three men were instrumental in the introduction of the supplementary remedies.

Eric Graf von der Goltz introduced ten compounds, one had its composition altered later.

Dr Med Albert Reiff (1863-1928) supported introducing four supplementary remedies. He studied the biochemic healing method and became a close friend of Schuessler.

Dietrich Schopwinkel (a876-1946) was a biochemist who analysed other minerals that naturally existed in the body, and their functions.

The Supplementary Minerals

The supplementary minerals are listed on page 26 (a) of your Administration and Introduction Manual.

No 13 Kali arsenicosum

Found in: the skin (especially tissues that contain keratin,) liver, kidney brain, thyroid, muscles

Function: Important for metabolism, skin, muscles and liver

  • Chronic skin diseases which don’t respond well to other minerals
  • Stabilises the metabolism
  • Inflamed skin and mucous membranes

No 14 Kali bromatum

Found in: Thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands

Function: Essential for the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Chronic skin diseases
  • Nerves and glands
  • Nervous and restless – hands are constantly moving

No 15 Kali Iodatum

Found in: all body cells, thyroid stomach, liver, kidney, spleen, skin hair and nails

Function: Essential for Thyroid, Blood pressure, Metabolism, heartbeat and brain activity

  • Regulates thyroid
  • Useful for fungal diseases
  • Obesity, high blood pressure, joint problems
  • Metabolism

No 16 Lithium Chloratum

Found in: bones, teeth, adrenals, thyroid, lungs

Function: important for protein metabolism and to break down uric acid deposits

  • Weak immune system
  • Nerves and joints – useful in Gout
  • Helps with depression

No 17 Manganum sulfuricum (Manganese sulphate)

Found in : organs rich in mitochondria – liver, kidney pancreas, pituitary, bone marrow, hair

Function: essential for energy metabolism,  activates many enzymes, helps structure of bone and cartilage

  • Allergies
  • Weakened immune system
  • Joint ailments
  • Skin, hair and nail disorders

No 18 Calcium sulfuratum Hahnemanni (Calcium Sulphide)

Found in: alkaline fluids in the body

Function: Essential for acid/alkaline balance and the vascular system

  • Deep cleansing
  • Asthma
  • Suppurating infections
  • Joint ailments

No 19 Cuprum Arsenicosum (Copper Arsenite)

Found in: (assumed) Blood, brain, liver, spleen, lung, bones

Function: essential to brain metabolism, building and regenerating the skin

  • Weakened immune system
  • Joint disorders
  • Helps against cramps

No 20 Kallium Aluminium Sulfuricum (Potassium- aluminium sulphate)

Found in: (assumed) blood and lymph vessels, stomach, intestine, urinary bladder , muscles, uterus

Function: essential for fluid metabolism

  • Minor depression
  • Inflammation of skin and mucous membranes (proven in chronic respiratory infections)
  • Excessive sweating

No 21 Zincum Chloratum (Zinc Chloride)

Found in: Bones (jaw bone) skin, hair prostate, gonads

Function: Essential for all metabolic processes including growth and regeneration, and immune system.

  • Weak immune system
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Hair and skin problems
  • (I have spoken to many naturopaths who now use this remedy as an alternative to Zinc supplementation when indicated)

No 22 Calcium Carbonicum (Calcium Carbonate)

Found in: Blood, mucous membranes, lymph

Function: essential for bones (including growth and repair), autonomic nervous system and the lymph system

  • Bone and teeth issues
  • Boosts children’s development
  • Inflamed skin and mucous membranes
  • Cramps and aches
  • Allergies

No 23 Natrium bicarbonicum (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Found in: Liver, blood

Function: Essential for metabolism, breaking down acids, and the pancreas

  • Acid buffer
  • Heartburn, acid stomach
  • Promotes pancreatic enzyme production

No 24 Arsenum Iodatum

Found in: Thyroid, skin, hair, nails

Function: essential for metabolism, immune system and lung function

  • Physical balance
  • Assists with chronic skin diseases such as acne and weeing skin rashes
  • Thyroid dysfunction

No 25 Aurum Chloratum Natronatum

Found in: (assumed) Liver, brain, heart, lymph nodes

Function: Important for sleep-wake rhythm, the heart, liver, sex organs and the mind

  • Rhythm

No 26 Selenium

Found in: skeletal muscle, bones, skin, intestine, liver

Organs with high Selenium content: Thyroid, kidney, adrenal glands, testicles, spleen

  • Regulate metabolism

No 27 Kalium bichromicum

Not found in the body in this form

Function: important for metabolism

  • Cell regeneration
  • Chronic catarrhal inflammation of the throat nose and sinuses

Contact the Institute of Biochemic Medicine to find out if they are available in your country.

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