Holiday and Travel Tips

A few simple remedies in a Kit can make a big difference to your holiday and travel comfort.

Its nearly Christmas, and the holiday season is here. Many people travel to family or friends, or take time off work for holidays. What Tissue Salts can you pack in your bags to make your travels more comfortable?

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Travel Tip #1 Avoid Travel Sickness

Do you have a family member who doesn’t travel well?

Travel sickness is a sure way to upset travel plans, not just for the child or person concerned, but for everyone. Frequent stops, changes of clothes, sick bags and wipes are essential for this family. I know some people who avoid travel completely due to this problem.

There is another solution.

For best results give Nat Phos every day for 3 days before travelling to make a real difference to someone who suffers travel sickness. It settles the tummy, reduces nausea and vomiting, and soothes the digestion. If nausea should start during travel, extra doses of this Mineral Tissue Salt can help. But don’t just leave it until the day of travel. Help their body to come into balance a few days before.

Travel Tip # 2 Jet-Lag

Air travel, especially international air travel, can really mess with your body’s time clock and natural rhythms as you change time zones. It can leave you exhausted, and sleeping at odd times of the day and night when you get to your destination.

No 5 Kali Phos will help your body return to its natural day-night rhythm despite the change of time zone. For best effects, start taking Kali Phos a week before the flight, and for 2 days afterwards.

Travel tip # 3 A good nights sleep in a strange bed!?!

So many people find sleeping in a strange bed a challenge. Whether from sleeping on a foldout lounge or bed at your relatives, the wrong type of pillow, or a noisy hotel room, if you have a disturbed sleep, the next day can be challenging and leave your nerves frayed.

I don’t leave home without No 7 Mag Phos when I travel. It helps your body relax, and helps promote sleep when taken 30 minutes before bed time. The best way to take it is as a “Hot Seven” 10 tablets dissolved in hot water and sipped slowly.

Children can benefit from 3 – 5 tablets before bedtime, to help them relax and calm the excitement of Santa coming on Christmas eve.

Travel Tip #4 Swollen legs

Flying in airplanes, sweltering summer heat, humidity, or sitting in the car for long periods of time can cause swollen legs and ankles. If you are prone to this, it can be very uncomfortable, and leave you squirming in your seat, or make walking difficult. Not fun at all!

No 10 Nat Sulph is great as a cream or taken internally as tablets to prevent swelling and help your body discharge the excess fluids. If you are prone to swollen ankles, take it each evening for a few days prior to travelling. Take it daily if your legs swell in heat or humidity. Generally, 2 tablets after each meal can make a real difference.

I have rubbed  the cream on my legs when on international flights to help swollen feet and ankles and my shoes have fit perfectly (like Cinderella); not tightly (like the ugly sisters) when I got to the other end.


I will have more Holiday and Travel Tips next week.

To Download your Holiday and Travel Tips Cheat sheet, click here.

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