Do you wish you could see what your client needs within the first few minutes of them walking into the room?

Do you wish you could offer a treatment where clients consistently feel initial improvements

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Use a step by step method to see what minerals
are deficient, and prescribe Tissue Salts confidently with great results.

robyn-barraclough1Hi I’m Robyn Barraclough,

Thanks for visiting me. I am a practicing Bodyworker and Naturopathic Herbalist and Educator. I get amazing results teaching other Natural Therapists, Health Practitioners and Body Workers how to use Facial Diagnosis to see what mineral deficiencies are showing and then get great results using Biochemic Tissue Salts.

It’s natural to feel unsure and tentative that you could do this too. What if I can’t see anything? What if I give a remedy and it doesn’t work? What if I make a mistake? These scary thoughts probably mean you are in the right place, right now.

Since you’re here reading this, it’s likely that there is a very important part of you that wants to do the very best for your clients, and for the health of your family as well. I fully understand that.

That’s why I am releasing this highly effective teaching system to accelerate your learning. I help you avoid the mistakes that many practitioners make so you get a head start to building your practice, or improving your current results in your practice.

Experience The Satisfaction Of Seeing Results Beyond Your Expectations, Of Clients And Your Family Being Healthier And Happier.

I have seen very good practitioners struggle because they couldn’t build that initial trust with clients. It wasn’t that their practice or product wasn’t good, often it was that they lacked confidence, or their clients didn’t get early wins from their treatment.

Being in practice is not just about being a good practitioner. What the client experiences in The first few consultations makes a huge difference to building long term clients, or clients who build your business by referring, even if they were a shorter term client.

Clients come to you because they want to feel better, if they don’t experience early results, they will look elsewhere.

Most modalities take time, and aren’t quick fixes, but that doesn’t stop your clients feeling like they want to be fixed – NOW…. So what do you do?

Normally, Bodyworkers tend to have the advantage over naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths and others in this way. Usually the client of bodyworkers can walk out with something tangible, in that they feel better after the treatment. If the client doesn’t have that as a physical experience you need to provide them with something that gets results soon after.

I found I couldn’t consistently get that experience when prescribing natural remedies, until I started using Tissue Salts. I attended a few courses of tissue salts.

In my herbal and homeopathy training, we  but didn’t study them in detail. I attended one day courses on Tissue Salts but none left me feeling confident to go out and use them and know what I was doing. Maybe you have experienced that too? Unable to find the training I was after I went on a quest for a high quality course that would give me confidence and tools to prescribe effectively and confidently. Now, the Tissue Salt course I teach changed that for me, as I am sure it will for you too.

Not only will you leave with a full understanding of the Tissue Salts, you will also be eager to  try it out, because you will be seeing the very facial signs I talk about in your clients. You will find they will then tell you signs and symptoms that back up that information and work out what was is required. This is how it was for me.

I Was Only Left Looking For WHY?

Why Did They Have Those Mineral Deficiencies?

Suddenly My Job Had Got A
Whole Lot Easier…

Wilhelm Schuessler
Dr. (med) WH Schuessler

This course is based on the works of Dr. (med) W.H. Schuessler and “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy” Diploma Course. We have worked incredibly hard to get access to the best course material on this topic, from the key sources of literature and resources on this topic. (No mean feat, I can tell you!) “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy” manuals used in this course are copyright: Biochemischer Bund Deutschland (German Association of Biochemistry); The EU Association of Biochemistry (Dr. W.H. Schuessler); The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia-Pacific); the Alliance for Biochemic Medicine (Dr. (med) W.H Schuessler Ltd); and Boethetic Pty Ltd). So you are getting up to date information used to train practitioners in Germany, in Europe, UK, Australia and world-wide delivered to your home, evidence based therapy and Continuing education module for Doctors, Dentists, Chemists and Veterinary surgeons in the European Union.

It is taught in association with The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia – Pacific), and The German Association of Biochemistry (Biochmischer Bund Deutschland eV), the world’s leading authority on the subject of Inorganic elements and the fundamentals of biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler.

So many students comment on how this course leaves them feeling confident to prescribe, they start using and prescribing as they are studying, getting quick wins.

I have found that by working with people with Bodywork as well as with remedies, and particularly with Tissue salts, I am getting better results in probably half the time it used to take for them to improve on Bodywork by itself. It’s like I have someone working with them, supporting them between visits…

Practitioners of all types have told me similar stories.

I have also discovered that for me, I get better results by giving tissue salts before I give the herbs or homeopathic remedies, firstly because I get great initial results, and secondly because the body is working better biochemically, and the appropriate remedies work more effectively.

Thirdly, the case becomes less general more differentiated showing clearer signs for the appropriate remedy or remedies.

I have taught loads of people from the most experienced practitioners (allopathic and alternative) through to Mums who want to be empowered in the health of their family to see the facial Signs, use the minerals, and get great results. Some of those mums have even decided that this is the first step in their new career path.

It’s my hope you’ll join me and experience my structured program as you move towards empowering your clients and your family with Tissue Salts.

Inside I will share my 10 Secrets to Improving Your Results with Clients and Ending the Struggles in Your Practice. All I ask is that you introduce yourself. You’ll get all the information that you need to start the most creative and rewarding journey of a lifetime. See you on the other side.

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