How Tissue Salts helped with Meniere’s

Have you ever felt like the room was spinning, or lost your balance and had difficulty walking? For someone with Meniere’s, it can be difficult to find a sense of equilibrium.

A client came to see me with Dizzy spells that were really disorienting, Vertigo attacks with severe nausea and hearing loss. She became reliant on her husband to help with driving and assistance after vertigo attacks because she felt unstable and couldn’t drive.

She went to an ENT specialist who diagnosed Meniere’s disease. “Nobody knows what causes it. Its and inflammation of the inner ear… We can relieve the symptoms by knocking out the inner ear with an injection of antibiotics and you will be completely deaf in that ear… we can do it now but that will take you straight to the end. Don’t worry. By the time you get to that stage you will be begging for it to be done. And at that stage you will need cochlear implants…”  “Go on a low salt diet, get some hearing aids and a walking stick and come back in three months. “

She started seeing me a few months prior to this ENT Consult, to see what we could do. Initially doctors had diagnosed sinus problems. But with this new information and following her facial signs and symptoms, we were able to find some key remedies to help with the treatment.

Reducing the number of vertigo attacks was a priority. Whilst the Betahistine (eg. Serc) she was prescribed could reduce the severity of the vertigo attacks when they started, No. 3 Ferrum Phos, not only reduced the severity of the attack, it stopped them continuing once they started.  Within 4 months she was able to stop the Serc and relied on Ferrum Phos to stop the vertigo attacks. We used Potassium Sulphate and Mag Phos to treat other symptoms.

Her Doctor even admitted, “whatever you are doing keep doing it, because the Meniere’s is retreating. “

Once the symptoms had improved enough, she began yoga and balance exercises to help retrain her brain about how she moved so that she could move about more confidently. With the exercises and Body Harmony sessions, she began to regain not only her balance but her focus, which also helped to monitor her progress and moderate any attacks.

We also modified her diet to reduce sugars and salt, and she consciously included foods that contained the minerals that her body needed. (“Schuessler Tissue Salts” by Gunther Heepen has a useful reference with a list of what foods contain which minerals).

As symptoms retreated, other Tissue Salts became clear through her symptoms and facial diagnosis. A few remedy adjustments, including using Biochemic Nat Chlor at the appropriate time have helped her to return to full function with only very rare, manageable, attacks.

Coming Soon – step by step – how to take control of Meniere’s

How to recognize and treat mineral deficiencies

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This great feedback came after I sent an email out to our mailing list at about treating Meniere’s with Tissue Salts

Hi Robyn

I have been meaning to thank you for that email talking about Ferrum phos for vertigo – dizziness.

It turned up just in time – I have been using every day some time multiple times. Wow does it stop a vertigo attack in its tracks! – Many thanks.

I would never have thought Ferrum Phos for this. But there it is described in the materia medica.



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