Tissue Salts Training Program

Welcome to the Biochemic Tissue Salts Training Program. This is a fascinating journey into the world of how Tissue Salts can support you and your clients towards Health. Congratulations on your decision to take action and commence your exciting Journey for you and your business.

Take a moment to review the steps to getting started here to discover how to get the most out of your membership, and our recommended steps for starting the Journey to using Facial Diagnostics and Tissue Salts successfully.

Step 1 Download your Bonus Introduction to Tissue Salts for Practioners gobtn
Step 2 Access your first Manual here gobtn
Step 3 Register with the Institute of Biochemic Medicine,and order your Facial Diagnosis Book gobtn
Step 4 Book a Personal Tissue Salts Skype Consult gobtn
Step 5 Ordering Tissue Salts gobtn
Step 6 Register for a Workshop or Webinar gobtn
Step 7 Case Support Pack gobtn
Step 8 Register for your Exam [private_week 11]gobtn[/private_week 11]
Step 9 Tools and Resources gobtn

How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

1. Complete the reading and do the exercises.

As a member of this program, you are going to be delivered information at a pace you can work through easily. Each e-Class cross references with the manuals. Complete each E-class exercises to help you build your learning. You will end up with a complete set of manuals by the time you complete the course:

  • Administration and Introduction
  • The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy – 4 Part Book
  • Additional Study Notes and Information
  • Magnesium
  • Facial Diagnostics – fill out your form now to receive this by week 5

2. Book a Tissue Salts Consultation and start using the Tissue Salts – Apply the information.

I highly recommend you book a personal Tissue Salts Consultation early on in the course. This helps you to understand the process and start to get familiar with using Tissue Salts and experience the results with yourself and your family. Do not underestimate how important this step is to gain early wins to build your confidence. See Step 5 to book your consult and Step 6 for how to order Tissue Salts.

3. Attend webinars and workshops

At various points in the program we will offer webinars and Live Workshops. Attending these will greatly increase your understanding and knowledge, and give opportunities to ask questions and get timely answers. We highly recommend you use the free ticket to our Live workshop, as this will also give you an opportunity to sit your exam. This ticket is valid for 12 months, so please use it.

4. Get Support when you need it

Once you start working with case studies, you have access to our support Pack. After successfully completing your exam you also have the opportunity for ongoing support from The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia-Pacific).

5. Use the tools provided to help you

Along the way, and once qualified, you have access to numerous tools and resources to help build your practice.

6. Enjoy the Journey.

Please contact us if you require any help at

7. Whitelist our email address.

If you need instructions on how to whitelist our email address.

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