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Do I need to have any prior knowledge to do this program?

No prior knowledge is required. Everything that you need to know (and more) is included in the program. Unlike many other programs, it includes the foundations of biochemistry so you have a good understanding of why the Tissue Salts work, as well as What Schuessler said about each mineral, how each mineral works in the body, signs and symptoms of a deficiency, facial signs and more.

I have done a short course in Tissue salts, why should I do this course?

Short courses can give you the basics of the tissue salts and some prescriptions to get started. They cant give you the depth and understanding that this course does. Usually they do not include the biochemic theory. Nor do they include all the facial signs for each of the tissue salts. So when you have a client with more complicated history or presentation you don’t have the basic biochemic understanding to know what else could be going on. This course teaches you not just what you are likely to see, but also why you are likely to see some facial signs or history for one mineral, what could be causing the deficiency, what other minerals the client may need, and why. Consequently our students get better results.

Why does the biochemistry knowledge matter? Isn’t it enough to know a bit about the remedies?

Knowing and understanding the Biochemic principles means that you understand why your prescription is or isn’t working. It also helps you understand what the next step is, and it may even help you know if your client is taking the minerals or not.

Understanding the minerals role in the body means you have a much greater ability to prescribe accurately.

What if I have a difficult case, how will I know what minerals are needed?

Some cases are more difficult than others. We have found it makes a big difference if you have a mentor for these cases, to help build confidence when you are starting out. We have experienced resident biochemists on staff who can help to answer these questions. More importantly we want you to learn from such cases, so you can gain confidence. We have a unique system to support you that uses what you already know, combined with a facial photo, and then feedback so that you learn and understand why the particular minerals are needed. This system is unique to this course, and really supports your learning, understanding and confidence in prescribing. One of our goals is to support you in being the best practitioner you can be. It’s amazing how quickly your confidence builds.

Can I practice with this course?

This course enables you to be a Biochemic Practitioner after passing your final assessment.  and it makes a great addition to your other modalities.  Of course, before you practice you must also check your local, state or national legal requirements, Professional Associations membership requirements or Insurance requirements for practitioners. The Institute of Biochemic Medicine has agreements with various professional associations in a number of countries, so contact them regarding these questions.

If you are already a practitioner, meeting your local legal requirements, you may need to let your professional association and insurance provider know for insurance purposes and legal requirements.

I am a qualified Health Practitioner, can I use this course for Continuing Education Points?

This course teaches “The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy”, a scientifically proven evidence based therapy. It is a Continuing Education Module for Doctors, Dentists, Chemists and Veterinary Surgeons and associated modalities in the European Union. It is applicable for Continuing Education Points in many Associations in Australia, and UK, including IICT which is in over 13 countries. Please check with your Association. If we can assist with it being included for your Association, let us know.

Do I need to join ANOTHER Association?

No. You don’t need to join any extra associations so don’t have ongoing Association costs after doing this. Continue with your current association and let them know you have completed this course.

I am really interested in Tissue Salts but don’t want to practice. Can I still do this course?

Yes, not everyone who enrols wants to practice, but some people want really detailed knowledge to help their family. We have some great stories from students who have done this and love how empowered they are in their family’s health afterwards.

How can I get the most out of this course?

We have tips and tricks along the way to help you get the most from the course and become proficient at facial diagnostics and prescribing tissue salts. You have access to a variety of learning styles, including Face to face workshop, weekly e-classes, webinars and manuals.

What do I get if I want to start now?

If you pay $700 you can start now. You receive everything included in the Monthly payment option. AND We will provide links to the book pack containing all the books you need, so that you can get started now. We will also start you on the Online Program. You can also choose which venue you wish to attend for the Live workshop where you can also sit your final Assessment. Every pace and form of learning style is covered.

But I don’t remember very well, I won’t know enough to sit an exam.

Our teaching style reinforces what you learn along the way. You will be amazed at how much you actually know. Please take note of special sections to review. Previous participants have often commented on how much they actually know.

I am worried that I won’t be able to see the signs. How will I know which Facial signs they are showing?

You are taught a number of ways to tell which remedies are required. Facial signs are just one of the signs and symptoms. You can also ask questions about the specific facial signs for each remedy. Clients usually know, and are quite forthcoming with the answers. The client’s history and their signs and symptoms, skin textures and more that will all build to tell you what minerals are deficient.   You will also learn key questions that also help refine which remedies are required. It’s amazing how many times clients will ask you about a specific facial sign that they have, For example:

  • “Can you do anything about this puffiness under my eyes – I have tried lots of creams and it never works.”
  • “I get really red in the face but my face isn’t hot.”
  • “Can you do anything about these dark rings around my eyes?”

If you have any further questions

Please send them to me at, so that I can answer them or include them. Chances are if you are asking, someone else will too.

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