More Holiday Travel Tips – Pesky Insects and more

12#1 Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean cups of tea and coffee. It does mean making sure you drink enough water. Simple additions to your water like a few sprigs of lemon balm, or a slice of lemon (include the skin for the limolene oil– just wash bought lemons before adding to your water) are great on hot summer days to cool and refresh, and also to rehydrate.

If you catch too much sun, No 8 Nat Chlor helps rebalance the fluids.

My husband is from England, and prone to sunstroke. The sun is completely different in Australia to England, and he’s learnt the hard way a few simple rules for preventing sunstroke. These tips are great for anyone sunsensitive whether you are at the beach or in the outback.

  • Wear a Long sleeve cotton shirt  – a simple trick that makes a significant difference. My husband no longer ends up with sunstroke after a short time in sun
  • In case of sunstroke, no 8 Nat Chlor relieves the throbbing headache, rehydrates the body quickly. If given before going outside and rather than be out for the afternoon with heat exhaustion, hubby can hang out and enjoy the day with the kids.
  • If you get dehydrated, up to 5 tablets of #10 Nat Sulph can help your cells to rehydrate and recover.

Stay Hydrated in Winter

Active Winter activities can also dehydrate you. Vigorous Exercise depletes minerals and fluids when you sweat. So, if you are skiing the slopes, riding through the mountains, or bushwalking, remember to take a water bottle, or camel back to stay hydrated. #10 Mag Phos and #3 Ferrum Phos dissolved your drink bottle, can make a huge difference to you energy levels and recovery after a days vigorous activity.

#2 Pesky Insects

9Holidays can also be spoiled by insect bites, especially if you travel to other climates or countries where mosquitoes or other biting insects abound.

Several years ago we went on holidays to Bali, and the kids got absolutely covered in Mosquito bites.

They can be itchy and make you irritable. We used to always use lavender oil on mosquito bites. Lavender calms the itching, providing relief.

I now use No 8 Nat Chlor Tissue Salt as my go-to treatment for insect bites. It draws out the insect venom, reduces the swelling quickly and helps the skin fluids to return to normal.

I now travel with the cream when we might encounter mosquitoes, midgies, tics or other insects. It would also help with bee stings.

Remember to pack the Tissue Salts on summer outings.




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