Tools and Resources

At various point through the Tissue Salts Training Program, we will direct you to these done-for-you tools and resources that will support you in your clinic.

Mineral Deficiency Analysis and Facial Diagnostic Forms
Mineral Analysis Form © Patricia Darbyshire. Thanks to Patricia for Permission to use it. Permission to use it other than described should be directed to Patricia Darbyshire.

Mineral Assessment form – an example of a form to use with clients. Print one off now and fill it out for yourself. Print extras off ready to use. gobtn
Mineral Assessment Form Instructions gobtn
Instructions for taking Facial Diagnostics photos gobtn
If you have a Mineral Assessment booked with one of our Practitioners, email your assessment through with your photos as per the instructions prior to your consultation.
We will go through the mineral assessment process in one of our upcoming e-classes.
Photo Consent Form gobtn

Ordering Tissue Salts

The best way to get started is to try the minerals with your family and your clients. Easy steps to start ordering tissue salts.

Are you a health practitioner? You may be eligibile to get a business account for tissue salts. Contact the Institute of Biochemic medicine on to find local suppliesrs in your area. Go to step 5 for details.
Go to step 5 for ordering details [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
Practitioner order forms If you are not currently a Health practitioner, Contact the Institute when you have successfully completed your final assessment.

Items of value to you and your clients

Download these forms now.

Tissue Salt cream Info – electronic copy of the cream brochure given in class. Keep one copy in your reference book, one copy in your electronic Tissue Salt file to download at any time, and print off a few to hand out to friends and clients. gobtn
The Salts of Life and Facial Diagnostics – Information sheets. gobtn


Done-for-you glossary of medical terminology A-Z. gobtn

Webinar Recordings

Watch recordings of previous Webinars for all Tissue Salts gobtn

Practice and Marketing tools

On successful Completion of you exam, the Institute will send your Diploma, and appropriate information for your region. Depending on your region, it may include information about Professional association membership, Product information, Insurance information where applicable and more.

Setting Up Practice Checklist – information about ordering [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
Register your Clinic details with The Institute [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
Client Research Niching Template – This may be applicable if you don’t already belong to an association or have insurance for your other modalities. [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
Brainstorming Natural Therapies  Business Ideas [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
How to create a successful Natural Therapies Business [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
How to tell if your Natural Therapies business idea is a Goer [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]
Fixing Problems Accessing a Page [private_week 40]gobtn[/private_week 40]