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The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy

Every practitioner wants to provide the best outcomes for their clients. Learn the missing link to recognizing what your client needs within minutes of them entering your clinic, finding the cause so you get great client outcomes and building a successful practice.

In the Clinicial Science of Biochemic Medicine you learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms for the 12 Biochemic Minerals (Tissue Salts). You will also learn Facial diagnosis for each of the remedies.  It’s the Missing Link to getting the best client outcomes, and how to get initial results fast that build client confidence, so you build the trust and confidence with them to provide a complete and effective treatment.

On this training, you will see:

Learn how to use the 12 Key Minerals that are essential to life, and

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  • How A deficiency of ANY ONE or MORE of these Key Minerals can lead to numerous and significant health problems.
  • How To recognize the signs for each of these essential minerals
  • Simple yet powerful Treatment protocols that work time after time because they are based on the Five Biochemic Principles
  • How to get to find the cause of the problem, and create a treatment program that corrects the deficiency and treats the cause.
  • How to use these minerals AND your other treatments to get the BEST RESULTS for your Clients.

This course will fill in the missing link for you and help you provide the best outcomes for your clients.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar