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How to Use Facial Diagnosis to see what your Client needs within minutes of them entering your clinic or treatment room, and offer a treatment where they consistently feel initial improvements within three days or sooner.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my system which increased my practice income by 50% in 12 months without increasing my client load, seeing clients 2 days per week.

On this free 60 minute webinar (online seminar) you’ll see:

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  • How to accurately read the facial signs for 3 common mineral deficiencies that 80% of your clients will present with. Knowing this will take the guesswork out of prescribing. It becomes easy to treat the cause of the problem.
  • Our “WORK OUT WHY” TREATMENT FORMULA helps you prescribe “the right remedy at the right time, in the right place” and helps you prescribe with confidence. This removes any uncertainty (normal with any protocol) and ensures your clients are getting the right advice.
  • How to create a tailored solution based on the facial signs and the different treatment options and tissue salts. I will show you how to combine this information to create the right solution for your client. I don’t have time to show you all of our treatment protocols, but I will show you two highly effective treatment protocols, and when you would use them.
  • The exact system I used to increase my income by 50% in 12 months by including Tissue Salts in my treatment options. That was achieved by seeing clients only 2 days per week. I am a part time practitioner by choice, yet generate a full time income. One of my priorities is to spend time with my family. I have 5 children including 12-year-old twins.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.