What you may not know about Paracetamol

As a parent, I’m sure you’d be shocked to think that you could accidentally poison your child with Paracetamol. Yet it happens each week somewhere in Australia. Just the other day, there was an article in the Adelaide Advertiser talking about this. They said that there had been an increase in the number of children hospitalized for paracetamol poisoning.

Why does it happen?

Here’s the most common causes…

There are lots of products available, with many different strengths. This can lead to an  accidental over dose. Hospitals, for example, avoid this by only stocking 100ml doses. Most parents don’t realise that off-the-shelf paracetamols are not all the same. Doses are different between brands, tablets and liquids, and age groups. Parents  used to the dose for one product, may not realise a different product can’t be used in the same way. The child may be getting too much.

“Signs of paracetamol poisoning such as drowsiness, coma, seizures, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting can appear days later when it is too late for treatment. Overdose can cause potentially fatal liver damage.”

Most parents don’t know of the risks of paracetamol. Whilst the number of cases of paracetamol poisoning in children is low, no parent wants that concern.

Calls for changes to Panadol labelling are one step forward. Another is looking for effective ways to treat your children when they are sick.

Did you know that a really effective way to treat your child is to treat the mineral deficiency.

I am not talking about taking lots of multivitamins. You don’t want to cause symptoms from giving too much of a mineral either. Instead, lets work out which specific minerals their body is deficient in, and treat that. So what do I mean?

46772092.cmsYour body is using key minerals to perform every process in the body every day. Different stresses will cause a greater need for specific minerals for the body to function. When you are sick, your body needs more of some minerals to get better faster. For example, If you have a fever, your body is using iron (Ferrum Phos) in the blood to carry oxygen to the cells  around the body. This is how your body gets the nutrients that are needed to help get over the fever. If your body doesn’t have enough iron available, then it will try to find it somewhere else. If it can’t, then the fever may go on for longer. It’s like not having enough fuel in your car to get where you are going. It takes you longer to get there while you stop and then have to get the fuel. Then you come back and put the new fuel in the car, then you can go again.

Giving Biochemic minerals when the body needs the minerals can shortcut the time it takes for a fever to resolve, and help your child feel better faster.

Sickness is your body’s way of saying that it needs something. The key is working out what it is and why.

Other minerals may also be needed to address the complete issue.

Robyn Barraclough practices and teaches Facial Diagnosis for Mineral Deficiencies and can help you discover what your child needs, and how you can be treating any underlying mineral deficiencies.

Practitioners wanting to learn these skills can find out more at www.tissuesaltstraining.com.


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