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Winter Wellness

Start your family on the right track for winter!

Steps to Winter Wellness

Step 1 – Where are you now?

If you have got this far, you are serious about getting your family on track. So, the first step is to take a look at where you are now.

Mineral analysis questionnaire

Have you filled in the form – great, now let’s book you in for your assessment. In person is always best, however, if you aren’t local to Canberra lets book you in via skype. Like I said there are only limited places for consults. You must return your questionnaire within 24 hours or your consult time WILL be given to someone else.

I like working with people who are action-takers. So, let’s get started. Fill out the form and email it to me at


Step 2 – Preparing your Winter Medicine Chest

Now you have filled out the form and sent it off, while you are waiting for an appointment time. Lets get started on what you can do.

I have a section in my Pantry where I set up my remedies, so that as soon as someone starts to feel they are “coming down with something” they can do something about it.

So, click here and lets start to get you set up.

Click here for Winter Wellness Chest


Step 3 – Building Your Immunity

Many people think that getting constant coughs and colds is because

  • The weather has changed
  • Everyone at daycare / school / work has got something and is passing it around

While this is true in some cases, there are lots of reasons why you may be more likely to catch every cold, yet your friend Julie down the street never does. So lets see what you can do to change that.

Click Here For Building Your Immunity


Step 4  – ACTION STATIONS! Someone’s getting sick – ACT NOW!

Knowing these first steps can reduce the time you or your family stays sick DRAMATICALLY.

Remember how we set up your Pantry cupboard – this is why we did it. So Now you can do something.

Click for Action Stations – What to do now?

Always use your common sense, and see your practitioner or doctor if the symptoms don’t reduce within 24 hours or you are concerned then do contact your practitioner. The aim of this section is to reduce the impact of early signs of any illness.

Download your fridge reminder here 


Step 5 – Help for specific ailments

I am adding to these resources all the time.

Go here for videos on specific ailments.


Step 6 – Maintaining Winter Wellness

Follow these top tips for Maintaining Winter Wellness.

Click here for Winter Wellness Retreat