Action Stations

Action stations! –

What most people (including most doctors) don’t know about treating the first signs of illness.

Let’s get straight into what you need to do, then I will let you know the why. (Let’s call that part Recovery Reading). I hope you prepared your Pantry Medicine Chest– Let’s Go!


Step 1 – I am coming down with something. What I need to do –

Tissue Salts to the rescue

Download the Fridge Sheet here to remind you what to do <Please insert Link to – Tissue Salts First Aid Fridge Sheet2.pdf>


Give your body what it needs to fight the first stage of infection:

1 x Ferrum Phos alternated with

1 x Kali Chlor each half hour


For example at 10:30 you start to feel a fever or a sore throat coming on, for example.

Take 1 x No 3 Ferrum Phos now, then follow it with

1 x Kali chlor in half an hour (at 11am), then follow it with

1 x No 3 Ferrum Phos (at 11:30am) and

1 x No 4 Kali Chlor (at 12pm)

Continue through the day.


(For best effect, let the tablets slowly dissolve in your mouth so the minerals can be absorbed straight into your bloodstream via the mucous membrane on the inside of your mouth and cheeks.)


Because you are giving your body the minerals it needs, in the dose that the cells use, you can repeat like this all through the day, without harm. AND, you will probably wake up tomorrow, or in the next 3 days starting to feel better.


Ferrum Phos – reduces fever, helps your body carry the additional oxygen required around the body to fight inflammation.

Kali Chlor –  helps your body remove the dead cells via the lymphatic system ready to leave the body.


Kali Sulph – If your symptoms move to the 3rd stage of infection (you know, the yucky, yellow or green coloured, snotty nose, or phlegm) then you need to add No 6 Kali Sulph, to your treatment.

Kali Phos – If you get a high fever, then add No 5 Kali Phos to the treatment.

when there is a high fever, the body gets exhausted if there isn’t a supply of Kali Phos. Kali Phos also acts as an antiseptic. It processes the toxins of fever, so that you can recover faster. If the body doesn’t have enough of this mineral the toxins in the body can prolong the fever.

What it looks like – lethargic, tired, mentally and emotionally and physically exhausted. Babies or children could be floppy or wanting to lie down, without much energy.

It’s the type of fever that leaves you wanting to lie on the bed or couch because there is nothing else you can do.


Pantry Medicine Chest to the Rescue

May be used in combination with Tissue Salts above

Make these drinks several times throughout the day, sipping the warm drinks.


Hot Honey and Lemon Drink

Great for Sore throats, and the start of a cold

¼ – ½ Lemon – squeeze the juice and drop the lemon and skin into the drink

1 teaspoon Honey

Boiling Water


Pour Boiling water over the lemon and honey and sip slowly.


“Kick a Germ Juice”

Great to fight off an infection, viral or bacterial.

¼ – ½ Lemon

1 teaspoon Honey

½ teaspoon Cayenne pepper

1 clove Garlic crushed

1 cm Ginger chopped finely


Pour over 1 cup of boiling water and sip slowly


Step 2 – Rest and Recover


Step 3 – Recovery Reading

I am feeling well enough that I want to find out more, but not quite ready to get out of bed – Why did this treatment help? Recovery Reading…

Alternately, read this while sipping your “Kick a germ juice”, between naps, or between remedies.

You know that feeling! This feeling that starts to come over you like a haze, and you KNOW you are coming down with something. Arrgh!

Uh Oh! I feel like I am coming down with something.

The symptoms might be different each time but you can feel you are coming down with something:

  • That hazy feeling where you can’t think so clearly
  • Your head or nose starts to feel congested
  • Tiredness, lethargy or congestion
  • Achy bones, joints or muscles
  • Lack of concentration
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • And more…

Whatever the symptoms, you know you are going down, and it could happen slowly or it could happen fast. But you know you aren’t going to feel good. What do you do?


Most people do one of three things

  1. Soldier on and get as much done before they fall over, and try to push through the symptoms in the hope that they will Go AWAY…
  2. Head for bed and hunker down for the duration.
  3. Head for the nearest chemist or doctor and try to find some medication to reduce the symptoms.


If you head to the doctor or pharmacist there are usually a couple options of what happens next:

  1. You discover it is a bacterial infection, which means that you can treat the infection with antibiotics or similar.
  2. You discover it is a viral infection. So apart from your doctor perhaps advising paracetamol for any pain, there is very little they can do. “Bed rest” and “wait and see” is usually the prescription.

But there is a problem. Most people want to be able to DO SOMETHING to feel better. Most people don’t want to DO NOTHING.


Why doctors can’t help you…

The difficulty is this. Your Doctors generally don’t have something else that you can do while you wait to get over the symptoms.

They do know however that prescribing more antibiotics than you need, for an infection that it won’t treat doesn’t help. When antibiotics were first released, they were considered the new Wonder drug! And, in fact, they were. Suddenly there was a way to stop an infection going further, that was pretty safe to use. But what has been found is that there are limitations to how this helps.  In fact, research has shown, over prescribing of antibiotics has its own problems…


Antibiotic Resistance

If you are prescribed antibiotics too frequently, other problems arise. Bacteria are single celled organisms which are fighting for their life. Some of them have evolved so that they are no longer affected by the antibiotics, which means that they are resistant to the drugs, and so the drugs don’t affect them anymore.


Killing the good bacteria

Did you know that 99% of the bacteria in our bodies are not harmful? In fact, many of those bacteria are needed and help our body to function. Take Gut flora for example. These bacteria are in our gut to help to break down food and look after the health of our gut. When you take antibiotics, many of those “good bacteria” die too. This is why probiotics have become an important part of naturopathic medicine in recent years. To help rebuild the healthy bacteria in our body.


Other problems

Latest research in New Scientist suggests that Antibiotic use, particularly in childhood, of as little as 5 or more antibiotic prescriptions in a 15-year period can increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. As well as this, changes in the balance of bacteria in our guts are now associated with obesity, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, and even depression.

What mainstream medical profession is trying to do is fight an organism. But like all things in nature, you need the right environment for an organism (plant, animal) to survive and thrive.


So, what can you do to fight illness?

What is needed is a different approach.

Remember what I said about the environment. Let’s see how that applies to your body. Instead of fighting the organism (bacteria, virus, infection), what happens when you give your body what it needs to fight the infection. What if you change your body’s internal environment to help your body do what it needs to do?


Give your body what it needs to fight the infection

When you get sick your body calls on the particular minerals to help it to fight off the infection. What often happens is that your body runs out of the mineral it needs (causing a deficiency of those minerals) meaning that it can’t do its job properly.

If we give your body the very same Biochemic Minerals that it is using to perform these actions in the body, in the dose that it uses to do this, you can actually get over an acute illness quite quickly. Often with most of the symptoms disappearing in as little as one to three days.

Compare that with most people coming down with colds around you at work or school or daycare. Often people can go down for a week or two.


Now, to recover that quick, there is a proviso.

Have you followed step 2, Build your immunity, first? If you haven’t, it could take a bit longer. Addressing the cause of the Continued infections or lowered immunity problems first, and building up your immune system, will help your body to respond this quickly to treatment of an acute illness. You will be creating the environment that doesn’t really allow bugs, and infections to thrive. Building up your immune system first will create an environment to help your body to recover much faster.

But don’t let that stop you from Taking Action NOW! Each time you act to support giving your body the nutrition it needs, when it needs it, you are taking the strain off your body, and helping yourself to be everything that you want to be. Congratulations!


Treating acute symptoms

Acute symptoms are the first stage of illness.

If for any reason, the illness goes on longer than you expect. Or you feel you can’t manage the symptoms without additional help, please contact your doctor or health professional.

These treatments are not for long running or chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses should be treated with the help of your health professional.




Every effort has been taken to ensure that the medical information, treatment specifications dosage and applications comply with current practices and knowledge at the time of going to press.   Medicine is a continuously progressing science, human errors and misprints can and do occur, therefore the author, editor and publisher does not accept any liability for such errors.